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You can view the photos that a team of on board professional photographers capture and take home high quality mementoes of your holiday. The Photo Gallery can also develop your film or download your images and print your photos right on board. You can also buy other photographic supplies here including film, photo frames and albums.

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by pandolisa

very easy to look up on the computers for your photos

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by Karriejay

Sorry, but if I want a souvenir photograph of my cruise on Azura, I would like to see some of Azura in it rather than an extreme close up which could have been taken anywhere. Likewise, I don't want a badly composed photograph with random people eating their dinner in the background. Basically, the onboard photographers are not very good. They are also incredibly intrusive, and approach you constantly while you eat!

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by tilly12

Great photos but think the ones that are shown should be reduced by the end of the cruise (they could still make money)

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