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A: Yes in 2017. We also bought this year, but so we get to lagoon cheaper.

Answered by Kostik on January 13, 2022

A: They now have the chat option on the RC app. I think it’s £1.99 per day and you can link up with others that have the app onboard.

Answered by SharonCruise on December 7, 2021

A: The easiest thing to do is buy white boards with magnets to attach to the outside of your stateroom door. Your party can write where they are going or any plans they want to make. Or a more secure way is to get the RC app to use the text feature... . If $ isn’t a major concern, I’d say get the Wi-Fi package and download a messenger app that uses Wi-Fi like Facebook messenger, Telegram, etc. that way everyone can “text” each other on the ship.See More

Answered by CaptAmerica on December 22, 2021

A: Chat would probably be the best. Walkies may not work of you in the back below and they in the front above.

Answered by Kostik on January 13, 2022

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A: My favorite specialty restaurants are Chops and Jamie's. Chops is my favorite of the two - I've eaten at Chops on Anthem, Harmony and Symphony and all meals were perfect. Jamie's is great, more casual and slightly less-expensive. Yes, you can eat i... n the MDR for free, but if you were looking for a special dinner, I'd recommend Chops. I can't speak to Izumi since I don't eat seafood. Wonderland is hit or miss-you have to really be in it for the effect & wow factor. For a meal, I didn't like.See More

Answered by miketangobravo on February 26, 2021

A: To be honest, I usually skip the specialty dining, although I’ve tried them all on Anthem. Wonderland is unique.... once... but not my favorite. Chops and Giovani are really good, but is it worth all the money when the MDR is included for free? I’m f... ine in the MDR.See More

Answered by lhgatton on November 9, 2020

A: Never been on this ship before. To anyone who has did you feel the specialty dining was a good value? And if so, which specialty dining do you recommend?

Answered by liz2020 on November 15, 2019

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A: The main dining room everyday and the windjammer buffet.

Answered by lisafroude on October 9, 2019

A: The main dining rooms and the Windjammer. The restaurant in the solarium is complimentary but requires a reservation.

Answered by Hannalkd on October 9, 2019

A: Main Dining Room, Cafe Esplanade, Solarium Bistro. Room Service food is complimentary but there is a delivery fee.

Answered by Ricdalek on December 4, 2021

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A: Only in designated areas.

Answered by Tenor13 on June 12, 2019


Answered by cheat765 on June 13, 2019

A: Yes there is a smoking section on the pool deck and a better one by Two70 and the Next Cruise desk. There were cigar smokers in our group. They preferred the one by Two70.

Answered by jabezpromise on June 13, 2019

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A: If they are both in the same age category at the time of sailing, then yes. If one child is 5 and the other is 6, even though they are practically the same age, they will be split into Aquanauts and Explorers, respectively.

Answered by gpinzone on July 16, 2019

A: yes

Answered by budthejunkman on November 28, 2018

A: No additional fee. It's included in the cruise.

Answered by Techdamsel on December 9, 2018

A: On deck 14 on one side of the outdoor pool that is covered. The area smells from the smoke even though it is open aired with ports to collect the smoke.

Answered by BAVSSBWM on January 1, 2019

A: Yes

Answered by rdginx on December 26, 2018

A: Yes, very easy and convenient.

Answered by eileenprunty on January 2, 2019

A: This varies by the cruise line

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Most ships offer a great range of items including cosmetics

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Ships make every effort to accommodate guests with disabilities and impairments with wheelchair-accessible rooms.

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Carnival and Royal Caribbean are the only cruise lines that allow drones to be brought onboard.

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Virtually every cruise ship (except for some smaller vessels operating in coastal waters) has a fully-equipped medical facility and staff to handle almost any emergency.

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

A: Almost all cruise ships have laundry facilities and a great many provide dry-cleaning services. (at an additional charge)

Answered by CruiselineMich on November 28, 2018

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