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Sep 05, 2017

While the double balcony rooms have an inside and outside balcony with approximately 40 square feet more than the French balcony, if you are on a budget the additional cost for the upgrade may not be worth it. Seriously, the itinerary is such that you spend little time in your room during the day/early evening. Also, the Ama Certo may be somewhat older(i.e 5 years) than some of the rest of the ama fleet, the amenities and the staff make this boat a pleasure

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Apr 29, 2017

Only negative comment is more attention should be give to 'Gentle Walking Group' if you want to encourage older, slightly infirm passengers (they are the ones that have the discretionary income these days to spend on your cruises!

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Feb 08, 2017

If you are claustrophobic then I would really recommend at least a French Balcony, there are times going through the Locks that you are within inches of the wall and it can be nerve wracking!

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Aug 20, 2016

I would recommend getting the full balcony cabin and closer to the front of the ship is likely to have less engine noise. The Captain's Table dining option was spectacular.

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Jun 10, 2016

Make sure you have a french balcony and/or full balcony - it's nice to have the fresh air and quiet space to enjoy the scenery.

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