If magnificent Italian cuisine with an intimate atmosphere and an upscale flavor is your style, then Portofino is where you should be. Portofino is one of our specialty restaurants that offer a luxurious dining experience you won''t soon forget.

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by ksgoldbergtwins

Now called Giovanis, overall food was very good, but not spectacular. As with all the dining venues, things have become quite limited, and the same. The staff was great and presentation of all the food was perfect, but wish they would change the menus each year or something special added. The fish was exactly what was being served in the dining room. I would recommend trying once on your cruise, but that's it.

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by ohioauction

Now called Giovanni. Ordered a Filet covered in a brown gravey which is a cardinal sin in my book. If a fillet needs a sauce for flavor you should not be making steaks. Went to Murder Mystery dinner and was not impressed.

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