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April 2016 - Carnival Freedom to Caribbean - Eastern


First let me tell you what was good.  By far, the majority of the employees working on the cruise were great.

The waiters and waitresses were awesome. Our head waiter was Nilson, and he was great.  We really enjoyed when they danced. 

The employees who took care of our room did a great job and were friendly, polite and professional.  

When my Mom and I went to the spa and had our hair done, a young man from South Africa did both our hair and both of us were pleased with how it turned out.  He was very good.  I wasn't really sure what I wanted and he was able to suggest a style I liked a lot.  He was also friendly and polite and professional.

Now the bad.  I made arrangements to have two wheelchairs available for myself and my Mom as we are both disabled.  We waited in the heat for about an hour and the wheelchairs only arrived after I hunted someone down and asked repeatedly about them.  Why did I make arrangements ahead of time if those arrangements weren't going to be honored?

When Mom and I went to get out hair done, we expected to use the$50 gift card we had.  When we went to pay, we were told these gift card were only good for signature services.  This was not shown anywhere on the card.  If it was restricted, it should have been mentioned on the card.  Also,  I went to the spa area to ask about the special of two services for $69, three for $79 etc.  When I said I had a question about the special I was quoted $79 for 2 services.  This could have been a mistake, but when I asked if a blow dry was included with the 2 service (which I mentioned by name of the service) the first girl said it was included, but a heavy set woman with dark hair said it wasn't.   I said, OK, then how much is it to also get a blow dry.  She was very rude and quoted me $45 like "you can't afford it".  $45 is more than I paid for the shampoo and blow dry I had done the day before.  I said "$45?"  and she again said $45 with the "you can't afford it" attitude.  I had been planning on having the two or three services option with a blow dry, but I was so offended by this woman I just left and did not purchase these services.  I don't think it is unreasonable to want to know the price of something before purchasing it.


The food was not good.  It made me sick.  I was not able to make it through one complete dinner.  Each night I had to leave early and go lay down.  I was not able to eat a complete dinner during the entire cruise.  


The cruise didn't live up to my expectations.  Cindy  

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Freedom cruise review - Disappointing

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Freedom cruise review - Disappointing

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