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August 2015 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Glory


I usually don't like to write bad reviews but i have to say i am very disapointed in carnival glory medical care team. This was our second cruise that my fiancé and I took together. Felt really rushed at dinner. Breakfast was the same thing every morning, so was lunch. The staff were great friendly we had made one request to sit by the window for dinner and the girl upfront looked at my fiancé rolled her eyes and said " one minute " ignored us while talking to another staff and laughing, and then ignore our request and put us in between 2 other couple. Entreatment is very poor they have karaoke every night and comedy show which was not even funny. They had a couple of shows felt like I was in high school again. But you can get your pictures taken every 5 minutes :) don't get me wrong I love taking pictuers but not that much. To get to why I'm writing this review. My fiancé is a doctor he ended up with a really bad vertigo attack (room spining, can't open your eyes, vomiting non stop) this happened the 3rd day on the ship the morning we got to Roatan Honduras which we were both looking forward to seeing and going out to the beach, but he got sick. I felt hopeless didn't know where to turn to i went out side of the room there was a staff asked him for help. He looked at me and said call 4444 Customer service for help so i went back to the room dialed the number and my fiancé new what he needed to get batter which was Meclizne 25 bid, Lorazabem .25 i qd and also the transderm patch. I got someone on the phone and thank got they had the Meclizine went down and got the medication was told they could not bring it up leave my fiancé there ill and get his medication. So i get there and i get this young guy who says " oh no did he have too much to drink?" I was furues i looked at him and said he has not had alcohol why don't you look at our charges before you make a comment like that or maybe you should go and read about vertigo attack first. I left angry and upset and lost. I gave him the medicine and prayed that he got better 2 hours later nothing i called the service desk and asked if there was any medical care on board was told that a nurse was going to call me back.  A couple minutes goes by she calls and i explain to her what was going on and she said that "well it will be a hundred for me to come up and just to verbally tell you what you need and you have to go and get it but it sounds like he had too much to drink" I responded and said whats the point of having you on board then my fiancé is a doctor he knows whats wrong and what he needs and for the last time he has not had any alcohol. I was frustrated and very upset no help at all i was afraid to get off the ship by myself but my fiancé needed help and i had to. I took some cash and left with a list of medication that was needed i ran into a couple of passenger that helped me locate a pharmacy and they had 2 of the medicaiotn better then nothing i went back gave him the medication and a couple hours later he was able to get in bed instead of laying on the bathroom floors. I went out and ate by myself and came back to the cabin and just stayed near him made sure he was okay. I felt hopeless he was out of it all day around 8:30pm we get a call we both were sleeping at this time i turned the light on answered and it was security " Hello is everyone okay in your cabin we have noticed you guys have not came out all day?" i responded and said you have the wrong cabin check your records as i did go out to get medication for my fiancé and i went for dinner," and then he said we will like to come and check the cabin make sure everyone is okay meanwhile my fiancé had woken up i told them sure they can come up. I open the door not 1 not 2 but 3 security guys comes in and looks at my fiancé and asked are you okay sir? and he said yes I'm okay then turns to me and asked whats wrong with him and i told the one guy that he had vertigo attack today and he said did you call the medical care team and i said yes of course i did they told me pretty much i was on my own, and then apologized for the care we got today and left an hour later i went out to get clean towels the cleaning guy came toward me and said " I am sorry I had to call security someone commited suicide a week ago. This news gave me chills and the remaining of the trip thats all we thought about and wondered if it had happened in out cabin room? why did this person do that? what caused him or her to do such a thing? Not the vacation I like to rememeber but on the good side my fiancé is feeling much better thank god. 

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