Port reviews and tips for 21 Night Grand Mediterranean Adventure (Barcelona Roundtrip) on 2017-05-06.

Barcelona, Spain Departs at 7:00pm - May 06, 2017

"We stayed a few nights in Barcelona before getting onboard. Well worth it. Must sees are La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Mila. Many more things are possible and the people watching is fantastic." - JeannieM
"We stayed at the H10 Metropolitan hotel pre-cruise and the Olivia Balmes hotel post-cruise. Both hotels were phenomenal! The service at both hotels was unmatched and exceptionally clean! The H10 Metropolitan hotel was a little more centrally located for us. We also did the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour of Barcelona. Great value and a lot of fun!" - islandcruiser14
"Beautiful city - take in Sagrada Familia - incredbile." - Aprguy

Marseille (Provence), France Arrives at 8:00am - May 07, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - May 07, 2017

"Take the metro (one stop ) to main railway station St Charles to Visit Aix En Provence by train. Cost 8 euro return for 45 mins journey." - DubaiDolly
"Have a seafood dinner along the harbor and see the art museums near the shuttle bus drop off point" - joegriffinusa
"Be sure to take a trip inland to enjoy the vineyards and beautiful landscape. We visited St. Remy, the home of Nostradamus and the inspiration for the paintings Van Gogh. " - cindyldl

Livorno (Florence & Pisa), Italy Arrives at 7:00am - May 08, 2017, Departs at 6:00pm - May 08, 2017

"Everything, Florence was beautiful and the Pisa Tower very impressive." - emmasardina27
"The small town of Pisa is very charming and the people were really nice. " - wynettebrooks2
"We went to Pisa and the tower was awesome! Bring your camera!" - dfeld.rocketmail.com

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Arrives at 9:00am - May 10, 2017, Departs at 6:00pm - May 10, 2017

"This was lovely and a bit bigger than lead to believe. There is a "hop off hop on" road train for 6 euros which go's to the small beach area and stops at the local vineyard. We were not aware of this and didn't take any beach gear, but stayed an hour and got train back (every 30 mins)." - louielouie1954
"Olympia is definitely worth seeing once in your life. Stepping on the same track the first olympians used is really exciting. The city of Katakolon is really nothing but a bunch of tourist shops. Take the train into Olympia. 10 euros per person round trip. Totally worth it. Do not pay for an excursion here unless you want a personalized tour when you get to Olympia. When we got to Olympia, we just walked around ourselves and read the information on the little kiosks. The train is easy and cheap but be aware that it only leaves once or twice to go to Olympia and comes back one or two times on the way back to Katalon. I think it depends on how many ships are in town. The station is just past the shopping street close to the beach. Buy the ticket at the stand and hop on in. You do not have to validate your ticket, either. " - cwheels701
"We took a bus to Olympia from the port and visited the ancient site on our own. We had purchased Rick Steve’s book on Mediterranean Cruise Ports (great buy, by the way!) and did a self-guided tour described in the book. Worked very well for us. Olympia is a unique place for those who love history. If you don’t do research and come out to Olympia ancient site on your own, it might be a disappointing experience, as all you will see is a bunch of rocks. This is one of those places that requires you to do a research or join a tour group with a knowledgeable guide. " - SmileyKZ

Mykonos, Greece Arrives at 9:00am - May 11, 2017, Departs at 9:00pm - May 11, 2017

"Walk through the narrow streets to the right of the pier to see the 4 windmills and the townhouses on the water with balconies over the water." - judy8259
"We did not do an excursion on this port and we do not regret it. Mykonos has a large but walkable port town full of countless stores, tavernas, cafes, and even a museum here and there. There's also a small public beach right in the center of the port. Had we spent the day on a beach excursion or similar, we would have missed some great time in the town. Definitely check out the windmills." - JPCruiseXpert
"Eat lunch in one of the open air restaurants." - airjordan

Santorini, Greece Arrives at 7:00am - May 12, 2017, Departs at 7:00pm - May 12, 2017

"Do not need an excursion here. Very small island" - Ellenfreeman
"Highlight of the trip - walked up and back on the donkey track! Top marks to P & O literature for recommending not using the donkeys for welfare reasons, it was apparent that very few English used them, mainly American and Japanese." - louielouie1954
" The most gorgeous island I have ever been to. We all absolutely loved Santorini!!" - ksa23

Kotor, Montenegro Arrives at 7:00am - May 14, 2017, Departs at 6:00pm - May 14, 2017

"It's worth waking up early to view the scenery on the way into the port" - Beefysmum
"As in other stops we did the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours, and as in other cases you have to keep in mind that each Hop-Off eats into the time before you have to return to the ship, particularly in cases like this where you are tendered in. Kotor is worth the visit. Multiple towns along a long coast and backed up against spectacular mountains." - roywinters6
"Wow...just such a beautiful place. Make sure to get up early so that you can see the scenery as you cruise down the fjord to get to Kotor. Also, dont forget to stop and try the "Black Wine" yum" - CruzinRichie

Naples, Italy Arrives at 7:00am - May 16, 2017, Departs at 7:00pm - May 16, 2017

"For us it was more about Pompeii which was stunning. " - cowboy74
"we did the Pompeii and mount Vesuvius, all I can say is what happened to that mountain, it is less than half its original size. Pompeii was amazing to see and take in. The engineering, better than today." - robinnbob
"Pompeii is an absolutely must see." - ItaVero

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Arrives at 5:00am - May 17, 2017, Departs at 7:00pm - May 17, 2017

"We walked to the train and got off near Vatican City. Went to the Forum, the Colosseum, and Trevi Fountain. So great to see these awesome places!" - islandcruiser14
"Beautiful and we were lucky enough to be there on Sunday so we got to see Pope! A lot of history a must for anyone who loves history" - 4kstarr
"We departed from this port and if your departing from here stay in Hotel Traghetto less than a 2 minute walk to where the buses leave from to bring you to the check in terminal. The train to Rome is very very cheap ensure you get your train ticket stamped before getting on and it takes just under an hour to get to Roma termini also the port offers a bus to train station for a couple of euro highly recommend as the walk is doable approx 15-20mins but with luggage and the warm weather when we were there this was well worth it. Civitavecchia has a few nice restaurants and is nice for a stroll around but not much to actually do." - Olivia101

Messina, Sicily Arrives at 7:00am - May 19, 2017, Departs at 7:00pm - May 19, 2017

"This was probably my favorite port. We went to Taormina and Mt. Etna on a shared tour excursion: https://italytoursharing.com/messina-port/mtetna-taormina. Being on Mt. Etna was truly life changing but bring a jacket! You're 6,000 feet above sea level and it's freezing! We went to a honey farm for free samples of honey, olive oil and wines and explored the beautiful shopping town or Taormina. " - cwheels701
"Messina isn't very exciting, take the train to Taormina, which is a really beautifully situated old town with plenty of shopping, restaurants, great views and more. " - paulneworleans
"Just did the highlights tour of Messina as we have done two bus tours to Sicily, loved the cathedral and clockv" - hadacareer

Dubrovnik, Croatia Arrives at 7:00am - May 21, 2017, Departs at 11:00pm - May 21, 2017

"Dubrovnik is a very expensive, but beautiful place - generally Croatia is much, much cheaper (we live in Croatia), but with the Game of Thrones etc, you expect it to be. It's also very, very busy (in the summer especially) but well worth the visit. A tip: Don't pay stupid prices for taxis - around the corner from the port exit, there are buses 1A, 1B and 3, taking you straight to the old town for 15kn (2 euro) per person. Buses are frequent, and most you would end up waiting for one is maybe 2-3 mins... " - MWood
"A real hidden gem. I'd never thought of visiting Croatia before, but so glad we did. Beautiful scenery, people and history. Great shopping too. Amazing food! Too short of a stop to really experience the city." - bartlesl1
"Yet again another beautiful place. We took the tour to the Seaside resort of Budva and then had some free time so sat at a table on the beach for a "croatian beer" and still had plenty of time to walk around Dubrovnik before having to get back on the ship." - CruzinRichie

Corfu, Greece Arrives at 8:00am - May 23, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - May 23, 2017

"This was the only port where we did not take an organized excursion. We did a Hop on Hop off bus and explored at the various stops. We loved going through the neighborhood outdoor markets. Saw lots of fish mongers, butchers , spice shops etc. Fun fun. Our favorite stop. " - Nancygray
"We enjoyed Corfu! The shops are open just for the ships that dock here. There is a very nice collection of stores to peruse in Old Town. Also the Fort was fun to tour and from the top, the views are outstanding. You don't need to pay for an excursion here - the cruise ship will have an affordable bus into town." - ivanhoe678
"Loved the shopping and old town area of this city." - Jbhouse

Ajaccio, Corsica Arrives at 7:00am - May 25, 2017, Departs at 7:00pm - May 25, 2017

" Very pretty place had a lovely time " - kojock
"Nice, small but still a lot to see" - Rehr
"One of the best ports on this trip. Good walk around port. Little sight seeing trains are worth doing." - bluemoon1uk

Toulon, France Arrives at 7:00am - May 26, 2017, Departs at 4:00pm - May 26, 2017

"Most people thought this stop was pointless, but we can make anything fun! We explored the small town, saw the market and then took the cable car to the top of Mount Faron! Amazing view, everyone should do this! We then ate at the top and enjoyed the afternoon!" - emilylewis711
"Take the bus to the beach. It's easy and cheap" - absludwig
"the city tour is great, had done it last year, therefore we thoroughly enjoyed the open market on " - Toulon2017