Port reviews and tips for Amsterdam to Strasbourg on 2016-12-21.

Vienna, Austria Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 21, 2016

"We went to Schonbrun, and then stayed til closing to see more; easy cab back to ship. Then we returned to Vienna for 3 days after the cruise to see everything in the city." - Bruin76
"Highlight of the cruise for me was the private, Viking passengers only, Mozart/Strauss concert in the Kimpskey palace. Don't miss that!!!!!" - messmerb675
"Breathtaking - we will go back, not enough time to see this place would take at least a week." - 10YrAnniversary

Linz (Salzburg), Austria Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 23, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 23, 2016

"I did the all day excursion to Salzburg which included a visit to Lake Mondee which is where the interior church for the Sound of Music wedding was filmed. Seeing the Austrian lake AND touring Salzburg AND a small tour of Linz when we returned to the ship made this a great day." - tpantino6
"Make the trip to Salzburg. It's worth it." - Ssinbad
"The Long Version of Salzburg - very quaint town. Great street food and gingerbread cookies. " - Cruiser5612665

Salzburg Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 23, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 23, 2016

"This was by far my favorite port! A spectacular city with a colorful history and amazing sites and restaurants. The only issue was our hotel room at the Hotel Bristol. We were two individuals (not a couple) and the room was set up with a double bed. When we asked them to move the bed into two, they simply separated the beds by 6 inches. It was a very tiny room and we could not both open our suitcases at the same time. They moved us to another room, but again it was not suited for two individuals. The couple we traveled with (with the same level of cabin and same price) had a huge room and were provided with chocolate treats each night. They moved us to yet another room, and although not as nice as our travel partners, was slightly better than the first two options. The breakfast at Hotel Bristol was absolutely diving. The hotel location was perfect. We participated in the included excursions. Veronica, our tour guide and a life-long resident provided immense historical information and her own story and definitely kept our interest throughout the two days. Two of us took advantage of the Salzburg card to see additional sites in the city. Fabulous! I would love to visit there again. The Sound of Music tour was definitely a highlight. Veronica provided some real history of the Von Trapp family as well to contrast with the movie version. " - DanubeCruiser

Melk, Austria Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 24, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 24, 2016

"The ABBEY is a must see. Much greater than advertised." - Bruin76
"Benedictine Abbey and cruise Wachau Valley" - tkmcgowan
"Melk Abbey was very good; fun tour. Very austenatious for an abbey. " - pub46361865

Esztergom Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 26, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 26, 2016

Budapest, Hungary Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 27, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 27, 2016

"We had only one day and the weather was not that great. However, there was so much to love about this city especially the Hero's Square area and the Castle area. I would recommend you try one of the thermal pools -they are an experience. The illumination cruise after dinner was a great way to see this beautiful city lit up" - tpantino6
"Bundle up and go on deck for the illuminations Cruise. They bring you blankets and hot chocolate, and it is gorgeous!" - Buttons1
"We were surprised by the use of English in most places. We always try to learn a few key phrases and words (please and thanks and also hello/goodbye) but Hungarian was a challenge for us. We were able to navigate the city on our own and never felt uncomfortable." - Cruiser51456783

Bratislava, Slovakia Arrives at 7:00am - Dec 31, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Dec 31, 2016

"My wife and I did not go on the tour. Instead we discovered this city on our own and it is a nice place to navigate. There was an excellent fair going on which gave a taste of the crafts produced in the area." - tpantino6
"Got to see a real local wedding party parade through the street. " - Janart2
"Tour guide was extortionist. Felt like killing myself, she was so depressing." - 5browndogs

Krems, Austria Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 03, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 03, 2017

"Göttweig Abbey optional excursion is not to be missed." - trovillion
"Wine tour was nice Gentleman was entertaining. " - tullys4
"Yes, we went to Gottweig Abby, unbelievable ! " - jimmsan95