Port reviews and tips for 14 Night South America Westbound (Buenos Aires To Santiago) on 2018-01-06.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Departs at 6:00pm - Jan 06, 2018

"Wow! We spent four days here and walked a lot. We did have a local contact who made sure that we saw the best that the city had to offer." - FSORET
"We stayed a week longer in Buenos Aires at the Anselmo Hotel - Curio by Hilton - in San Telmo neighborhood on Dorrego Plaza. Great small, modern hotel in safe area. Tango dancers in plaza most afternoons and evenings. Sunday is antique flea market and tango dancing at night. 10 blocks from Plaza Mayo - main downtown plaza. " - jequetta
"Take a city tour to see the main tourist sites and then walk up and down the pedestrian only street, Florida. But be aware of thieves at all times, and don't make yourself an easy target!" - erpaetz

Montevideo, Uruguay Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 07, 2018, Departs at 4:30pm - Jan 07, 2018

"Puerto Mercado with all the barbequing meats was mouth watering to tour." - erpaetz
"Walked around the old city. Tried local parillada restaurant - not good, but pricey." - FSORET
"My wife and I enjoyed the "really good" wine tour and lunch." - DrBryon

Puerto Madryn, Argentina Arrives at 9:00am - Jan 09, 2018, Departs at 6:00pm - Jan 09, 2018

"Take the Great Patagonian Experience you will see all the wildlife available, go to a penguin colony and have lunch on a ranch." - channeling
"The penguin colony in Puerto Tombo is a must see! 210,000 breeding pairs of penguins!!" - erpaetz
"Penguins and more Penguins. Up close and Personal." - Steveb19898492

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands Arrives at 9:00am - Jan 11, 2018, Departs at 4:00pm - Jan 11, 2018

"I LOVED Port Stanley. For a special and unique "souvenir" I stopped in at the local police station and asked for a driver's license. The license itself is a big sheet of paper with photo and vitals - for a bit extra they throw in a wallet-sized version (all-told around $50). It took around 30 minutes and is good for life. Warning: the local banks won't accept U.S. dollars that have been "defaced" (that's ANY marks, ink pen scribbles, stamps, etc.). This causes local stores trouble - they want your dollars but don't want to get stuck with bills the banks won't accept." - ItaVero
"Bluff Cove Lagoon - see the beautiful scenery, penguins, and enjoy tea at the Sea Cabbage Cafe" - WLL
"The 4x4 land rover ride was VERY rough to get to the penguin. My 80 year old back didn't enjoy it. However, once to the penguin colonies and the homemade treats....well, I'd do it again." - JudieCCC

Cruise Cape Horn

"The sunrise over Cape Horn was spectacular." - marilyn122
"Very fortunate - like a "duck pond "" - Dorsetcruisers
"The weather was windy and cold but ok viewing" - tonneson

Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 13, 2018, Departs at 2:00pm - Jan 13, 2018

"independent tours with smaller buses more valuable here - we used Soloexpeditiones and they were wonderful" - jeannesimpson
"Take the ferry to the penquin island. This is the best variety of penguins - we saw Gentoos, Magellans, and 2 kings!" - lrclffrd
"Walk the town (it isn't that big but is fascinating) - work up an appetite and go all the way to the east end and feast on all you can eat gaucho-style lamb, beef and grilled "king" crab." - ItaVero

Cruise Beagle Channel Departs at 4:00pm - Jan 13, 2018

"Lucked out with great weather." - DaveQ
"Great experience!" - ldwallinga
"Start looking an hour and a half before you are supposed to be there" - charlie1030

Punta Arenas, Chile Arrives at 8:30am - Jan 14, 2018, Departs at 8:30pm - Jan 14, 2018

"Gateway to Chilean Patagonia. Be sure to book wildlife tours - penguins and seals/sea lion colonies. Optional tours to Antarctica are prohibitively expensive - but after all - for me this was a bucket-list trip." - ItaVero
"Visited the Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve. Wife was ill." - FSORET
"If you want to see penguins, go to the Island tour, not the Otoway colony. The Otoway penguins did not show up this year." - erpaetz

Cruise Strait Of Magellan Departs at 12:00pm - Jan 15, 2018

"All inshore cruising was stunning. Like Alaska & Norway on steroids !" - Dorsetcruisers
"Lucked out with great weather." - DaveQ
"Had to be up to see them " - lovetocruisenc

Cruise Patagonic Channel Departs at 12:00pm - Jan 16, 2018

"Diverted because of Medical Emergency onboard." - beshlin4
"If going out of Santiago get a port side stateroom." - channeling
"Rough weather, but beautiful" - susanainvegas

Cruise Canal Moraleda Departs at 12:00pm - Jan 16, 2018

"Diverted because of Medical emergency onboard." - beshlin4

Cruise Chilean Fjords Departs at 12:00pm - Jan 16, 2018

"All inshore cruising was stunning. Like Alaska & Norway on steroids !" - Dorsetcruisers
"Just like Alaska! " - cpascott1
"We didn't get to see these. They were cancelled. " - rogerbetty

Puerto Chacabuco, Chile Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 17, 2018, Departs at 2:00pm - Jan 17, 2018

"Great shopping at street stalls." - MarilynH
"The port itself is nothing to look at, but the excursion to the Simpson valley was very nice." - georgesalas
"See above" - VivienneR

Puerto Montt, Chile Arrives at 8:00am - Jan 18, 2018, Departs at 6:00pm - Jan 18, 2018

"Visiting the national park and lakes was a great experience." - FSORET
"Tour companies just outside pier. Took tour to Petrohue Falls and Puerto Varas. Have good view of volcano Osorno on way to falls and at falls. Cost $50/person. Best to get in line 45 minutes early for tender tickets so you have ample time for tour." - randy618
"Had a tour of Puerto Varas and Fruitillar and enjoyed sitting by the Llanquihue Lake and were able to see the snowcapped volcanoes. A very nice sight. " - ldwallinga

San Antonio, Chile Arrives at 8:00am - Jan 20, 2018, Departs at 12:00am - Jan 20, 2018

"San Antonio is a new port to cruises, but is really good attendance for the passengers, much security. And the food is good big variety of food and wine (Chilean wine the best of the world) If you visit this port you need to drink the incredible wine of this country, and big variety of fish and meat that very good The Pablo neruda museum house is a good place to visit and the whole route of poets, Chile is a great place to visit enjoy! " - BenSteelmack