Port reviews and tips for Enchanting Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam on 2017-10-14.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 14, 2017

"The Rjik's museum, Anne Frank House and a canal boat tour are all worthwhile" - ronmurakami
"beware of pick pockets. Arrive at Schiphol airport 3 hours before your flight. It is a zoo." - sandytanzil
"Visited the Rijkjsmuseum. Very impressed. Get there early! All the museums become overly crowded in the afternoon. Enjoyed lunch near the flower market and visiting the cheese shops. " - mjknight500

Koblenz, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 16, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 16, 2017

"Wear sturdy shoes to Marksburg Castle" - Jen2002
"We took the Moselle Excursion didn't think it was worth the money! We very much enjoyed all the other optional tours we took" - WalterCraggs
"Didn't get to stop here." - kennethcoy

Cologne, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 16, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 16, 2017

"Kolner Dom, take the chance to climb to the top! What a view!" - jetta77612870
"Stay in town and eat lunch at one of the many very good restaurants." - faulkfamily
"We had a great guide and the best tours of the trip." - Missourifans

Rudesheim, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 17, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 17, 2017

"A lot of fun to have free time to explore the narrow streets of Old Town with taverns and shops." - olgalucia
"Definitely take the Coffee Excursion! I would like to visit Rudesheim again on a non holiday, most everything was closed." - jetta77612870
"The gondola ride was beautiful and the coffee too. " - Cruiser3870704

Speyer (Heidelberg), Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 18, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 18, 2017

"Hike up the mountain was strenuous but worth it!" - Jamie1975

Strasbourg, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 19, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 19, 2017

"Great bicycle tour of a beautiful city!" - Jamie1975
"Well worth it to add the all day optional tour to Alsace (food, wine, etc.)" - 1dancer
"The cathedral was spectacular." - Missourifans

Breisach Am Rhine, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 20, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 20, 2017

"Take the hike to the cathedral over the town--well worth the walk, even in the rain!" - faulkfamily
"We did the Colmar WW2 excursion. This was wonderful. Our guide was so reverent about the happenings that took place there. We could feel her spirit. One of our favorites." - Cruiser57615137
"Interesting town split between two countries." - mickey5053866

Basel, Switzerland Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 21, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 21, 2017

"What a great city. Take some time to hang out with the Locals in the City Center, and visit the Rathaus. If you are visiting in a cooler month, find the Lady selling the Gluewhein!" - jetta77612870
"Unless you have a terrible fear of heights you should try the excursion to Pilatus. " - Cruiser13786790
"We only saw a small portion of Basel, while being transported from the ship to the airport." - gabbott46