Port reviews and tips for Passage to America & Tropical Caribbean Collectors on 2016-11-04.

Barcelona, Spain Departs at 11:00pm - Nov 04, 2016

"We stayed a few nights in Barcelona before getting onboard. Well worth it. Must sees are La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Mila. Many more things are possible and the people watching is fantastic." - JeannieM
"We stayed at the H10 Metropolitan hotel pre-cruise and the Olivia Balmes hotel post-cruise. Both hotels were phenomenal! The service at both hotels was unmatched and exceptionally clean! The H10 Metropolitan hotel was a little more centrally located for us. We also did the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour of Barcelona. Great value and a lot of fun!" - islandcruiser14
"Beautiful city - take in Sagrada Familia - incredbile." - Aprguy

Alicante, Spain Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 06, 2016, Departs at 3:00pm - Nov 06, 2016

"Don' miss seeing the Castle Santa Barbara. The view is spectatular. You have a view of the whole city and port. The city itself is very interesting to visit. Lots to do." - EdA2
"Went up to the fortress...great views. " - pxlmat4894
"best tour of trip! good guide, interesting point of interest and easy walking." - seabee

Malaga, Spain Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 07, 2016, Departs at 6:00pm - Nov 07, 2016

"Absolutely love this port. I come back most years and look forward to it. I don't go out sight seeing but lay on the beach instead. Would definitely recommend the beach if you like it. For a few euros you can use two sun beds with a sun umbrella for the day. The beach is lovely itself- sandy." - maddie901
"We went to Mijas, a mountain village outside Malaga. Beautiful with quaint whitewashed buildings" - wynottb
"I didn't know what to expect from Malaga and had no preconception of what it might be like. It turned out that it's stunning! The medieval fort is well worth the climb, the views are spectacular! " - beckatron14

Cadiz (Seville), Spain Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 08, 2016, Departs at 6:00pm - Nov 08, 2016

"Our favorite - Our friends even said, "we could live here". That is how much we loved it" - dalewilcox
"Gorgeous little place with such a wonderful feel about it. Excellent independent shops. Feels very bohemian and arty- right up my street! " - beckatron14
"Lovely old town. Cathedral not far from port , very narrow streets with bars shops to explore. " - bluemoon1uk

Funchal, Madeira Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 10, 2016, Departs at 4:00pm - Nov 10, 2016

"Most beautiful Island. Truly worth a visit" - jdjoynews
"Take the around-the-island tour bus. Great views and best way to see entire island with limited time." - sheatsley280
"Visit the stores about 2 or 3 blocks from the waterfront. Better prices and quality." - tbow53

Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida Arrives at 7:00am - Nov 19, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Nov 19, 2016

"Getting in a day early made for a stress free start to the vacation." - Cruiser68549518
"I really like sailing out of Port Everglades. Royal Caribbeans Terminal 18 is a breeze to get through for embarkation and disembarkation. Most of the hotels are fairly close so it's not a long ride to the port." - jshea
"Always arrive a day before the cruise-makes the cruise departure day much nicer. Just hung out at the hotel." - jbracy54769586

Nassau, Bahamas Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 20, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Nov 20, 2016

"My family and I had a blast. I will not come on here or any other site and bash such a beautiful island. I had fun, my husband had fun, and our daughters had fun.. We walked to the free beach (junkanoo) and soaked in the sun all day and walked back, bought some items and took alot of pictures. Being w my family and the sun alone was all we needed to have a great time. It was raining and cold back home (north of Chicago) Yes, we were asked to buy items and asked if we wanted to go on excursions, but it didn't bother me. I mean the people there make their money off of us, so of course they will ask and ask and ask. I mean we are there to see the island and to spend money. Anyone coming to this island, enjoy yourselves. Take alot of pictures, try the food, walk in the water and just enjoy it. There are so many people who have never even left their home state, and here we are on a island with beautiful people. Stay positive and enjoy it, bc before you know it, you'll be back at home, at work, and wishing you were back. 😉" - Hellokitty13
"This was our fourth time visiting Nassau and we enjoyed it just as much this time as we did the first time. I know some people say the island is dirty and the people are pushy and rude. I'm sorry but if you can't find beauty in Nassau you aren't looking hard enough (pictures to follow review). I actually thought the people were a lot less pushy this time as well. Every time we were approached to take a tour or buy something and we said no thank you, they told us to have a great day in Nassau, no one was rude. We booked a day pass at the British Colonial Hilton and it was great! The hotel was beautiful, the beach was amazing and the food and drinks were very tasty. We were lucky enough to be in port from 8 AM to 5 PM so we stayed at the hotel until around 2 PM and then headed off to do a little shopping. We also walked up to the Queens Staircase and Fort Fincastle. It was a heck of a hike on a hot summer day, but the beautiful view from the top was definitely worth the climb. We have visited many different places and took different excursion while in Nassau and everything we did this time was a first for us. Looking forward to the next time because there is always something new to do is Nassau!" - MrsPope14
"I have been to this port numerous times and have done Atlantis twice, once with a beach day. I was never a huge fan of coming to this port so when our last vacation has Nassau on the itinerary, we decided to book an actual excursion through the ship. After looking at reviews online, we decided to try out the Blue Lagoon Beach Day. They also had options for more expensive experiences such as dolphin, stingray or sealion interactions. We opted for the beach day and I am so glad we did. When you first arrive on their boat, you dock directly beside the dolphins and the staff took it upon themselves to do some tricks with the dolphins. My 4 year old especially loved it. There were opportunities to pay additional costs for other experiences and we decided to pay 20$ for a dolphin kiss for my 4 year old and a sealion kiss for myself. After this, my sister-in-law and I were approached by staff to participate in a training session with the dolphins FOR FREE! We got into the water with 5 new dolphins who they have been working with for future dolphin interaction excursions. It was not a traditional dolphin swim, but a learning session for the dolphins themselves to get use to guests, such as ourselves. Amazing experience! Amazing facility! Amazing beach! Highly recommended. " - kayate11

Grand Turk Island Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 22, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Nov 22, 2016

"No excursion necessary. Just walk off the boat and sit in the sun, snorkel, walk down to Jack's Shack, etc. " - Jonalan1
"Grand Turk is my favorite place to do nothing, we laid out on the beach under an umbrella eating a massive plate of nachos from Margaritaville, drinking 2 for $5 cups of rum punch and an order of jerk chicken from jack's shack. This was the perfect port for our last stop as all we wanted to do was just chill and unwind." - BOOGIEMAN
"This is my 3rd trip to Grand Turk and love it as a really nice beach right off the boat, (technically you could jump off the boat and you're in the swimming area-I don't recommend it). We like to get off the ship and go to Jimmy Buffets for a nice lunch. I usually get the calamari and a burger, with a very nice and strong pina colada. After that we secure a free chaise lounge chair and bask in the sun while taking periodic dips in the water, usually nice and warm where I dive in all the way. I don't care to take any excursion, but the pools at Jimmy Buffets are really nice and there are a few things to do there for a few hours. It's one of my favorite places, so it gets a 5-star." - dwoodgar49

Puerto Plata/Dominican Republic Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 23, 2016, Departs at 5:00pm - Nov 23, 2016

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Private Island) Arrives at 8:00am - Nov 25, 2016, Departs at 3:00pm - Nov 25, 2016

"This island is absolutely amazing. Water is crystal clear and so far my favorite place on the planet!" - BeachLuvr
"I have been to many, many islands. This was by far the most beautiful island I have ever seen. Beautiful " - JnetR
"I have visited hundreds of beaches on most continents. This ranks at near the top of the list for best beaches in the world. The water was super clear, the sand felt like flour or powdered sugar. The beach area even had a snorkeling area with tons of fish. In addition, Carnival gives you a great buffet BBQ. If you like quiet stay immediately at the beach near the debarkation. If you prefer a more fun area get on the courtesy shuttle and get off at the BBQ area and find the Captain Morgan which is a bar shaped like a ship. They also have a DJ and some of the crew hang out and play games there. DO NOT MISS THIS PORT. It's the best of the three. " - captncool