Port reviews and tips for Los Angeles to Monte Carlo on 2019-01-13.

Long Beach (Los Angeles), California Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 13, 2019

"We stayed over at the Queen Mary & rolled our bags in the morning actosd the parking lot - so easy!!! No worries about "missing the boat!" " - beachgirl644436
"Queen Mary is interesting! Plenty of places to chill and shop around town. We went to a fabulous German-American burgers and dogs place for lunch! " - Lchesso42

Honolulu, Oahu Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 21, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 21, 2019

"Make sure to schedule a tour to Pearl Harbor. " - sehoran86
"Don't miss Pearl Harbor. Town is super crowded with lots of shopping but nothing that isn't on the mainland. Do the Diamondhead stairs their worth the view " - bigdogclaire
"Wwe spent 5 days before the cruise and saw everything. " - c2sharks

Maui (Lahaina), Hawaii Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 22, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 22, 2019

"Must do the sunrise or sunset on Haleakala, simply amazing. It must be what it's like on the moon..." - iisk8
"Wanted to go on the beach break but that excursion was cancelled instead went whale watching if you are not into this type of entertainment I highly recommend save your money as they say there is a first and last time for everything." - mayorang
"See above comments. Beach was beautiful and the food at the club grill was great!" - flakcats

Fanning Island Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 25, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 25, 2019

Pago Pago, American Samoa Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 28, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 28, 2019

"Very poor HAL excursions" - Swisscruisers

Lautoka, Fiji Islands Arrives at 7:00am - Jan 31, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Jan 31, 2019

"For your day excursion in Lautoka you can book with Windflow Tours and Travel or pm Ulalia Nakanacagi on Facebook. 4hrs Tour- Site seeing,country side,mud pool,beach and shopping. Price:$55 AUD pp No other hidden cost." - Summergal
"Sort of a dumpy town but we hired a van on shore with 8 other people at $25 apiece to take us to a resort and it was a long drive but turned out to be the perfect blue lagoon for swimming and laying on the beach. The way you have imagined Fiji to be." - Koalcash
"Very good pricing, hot, they take Aus money if need be, don't forget camera " - Kara97

Waitangi, Bay Of Islands, New Zealand Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 03, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Feb 03, 2019

"Also missed this port, and we heard that this is the prettiest place we were supposed to see. Many people booked this cruise because it was supposed to stop here." - dianeglen
"Captain skipped this stop.mhe said it was not possible to get there in time.....but on TV screen it appeared we passed it at 5:00 in the morning we were supposed to stop there!" - Swisscruisers

Auckland, New Zealand Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 04, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Feb 04, 2019

"Terrific city, even in the rain. Ship docks right in the centre, Easy to walk around although there are some slight hills to deal with. Go up the tower, terrific views day or night. Tremendous ambiance emanating from wonderful people. You must take the inexpensive twenty minute ferry across to Devonport; a hidden gem with its village feel, beautiful little shops and cafes. Lovely beaches. " - johnnierainey
"The people in this city are in shape and really walk fast. NZ will ban sale of cigarets in 2018. They want to lower health care costs for their national health system." - ukc
"The Sky Tower is a short walk from the ship. Do it. Also, take a water taxi to Waiheke island to visit wineries and beaches." - sharonsarkisian

Sydney, Australia Arrives at 2:00pm - Feb 08, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Feb 08, 2019

"Add a couple of nights to stay in the heart of Sydney. The Circular Quay area is next to the main port with convenient access to Sydney's excellent water taxis and Train systems. It walking distance to them, plus walking distance to the iconic Sydney Opera House, botanical gardens, and the Rocks (shopping/dining)." - sharonsarkisian
"Whats not to like? As with San Francisco, Auckland, HongKong etc we were there for two days. Yes, we visited the bridge, the opera house, blue mountains, Featherdale Park (kangaroos and much more) , Manly beach etc. Too much to do, so little time" - johnnierainey
"We went 5 days early and stayed at the Holiday Inn in the Rocks then at Potts Point. Walked across the Harbor Bridge. Took the train to the Blue Mts. one day which I highly recommend - then just take the hop on bus. Went to Manley for a day and went to Bondi." - Koalcash

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 11, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Feb 11, 2019

"It was cold, make sure you bring warm clothes. Go to Mures restaurant near where the bot docks. Great fish & chips there. " - KarlaB89
"Toured Hobart and went to bongorong wildlife park" - davelay65
"lt was quite warm the day we were in Hobart. Plenty of history here. Catch the hop on hop off bus and tour the City. We also did a night time ghost tour. Didn't see any ghosts but it was fun." - H59930093

Kangaroo Island, Australia Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 14, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Feb 14, 2019

"Unfortunately we had bad weather and had to miss this island. Maybe next time, but safety is more important." - buffalotom

Adelaide, Australia Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 15, 2019, Departs at 9:00pm - Feb 15, 2019

"We booked the McLaren Vale experience for my wife and I in Adelaide. I was told by the guest services staff that I would have to pay for an adult ticket of $189 for my child who is 4 years old. I was not presented with an alternative but I wanted to take my wife on the highly recommended tour. I paid the fee of $189 for my son who is four years old to accompany us on the tour. The tour was great for two adults but NOTHING was offered for kids. So I did not understand why I was told I had to pay an adult fee of $189 for my son during a wine experience. It is not like I received an extra wine glass for tasting during the tour. I feel I was mislead when booking the excursion and was forced to pay for an adult ticket with no consideration of the type of excursion I was booking. " - kevgriffith
"nice wine region" - McPam
"An hour on the train to and from the city center limited what could be done. Seemed like a fun city. " - ChrisC10

Albany, Australia Arrives at 7:00am - Feb 18, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Feb 18, 2019

"Small village town. Need to visit the port earlier in the day/morning as most sites close by 3pm. " - ChrisC10
"Pretty port didnt get off ship" - Jaxdamamma

Bussleton Arrives at 9:00am - Feb 19, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Feb 19, 2019

Fremantle (Perth), Australia Arrives at 6:00am - Feb 20, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Feb 20, 2019

"Worth taking a trip to the zoo or a wIne trip up the river." - DubaiDolly
"took a city tour on hop on hop off bus...took ferry ride from Perth to Fremantle." - McPam
"great place, see the parks, take the ferry between Freemantle and Perth, the free buses are wonderful way to see both towns" - RobinfromWY

Port Louis, Mauritius Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 28, 2019, Departs at 9:00pm - Feb 28, 2019

"ok - travel agent in Port Louis was helpful to get us on a plane back home..." - Sherry49
"We did not stray far from the city center but there was a lot to see and enjoy in the area. We had a few meals and they were all very good." - LuisD

Reunion Arrives at 8:00am - Mar 01, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Mar 01, 2019

Taolagnaro Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 03, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Mar 03, 2019

Maputo, Mozambique Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 06, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Mar 06, 2019

Richards Bay, South Africa Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 07, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Mar 07, 2019

Durban, South Africa Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 08, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Mar 08, 2019

"ok" - Sherry49

Port Elizabeth, South Africa Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 10, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Mar 10, 2019

Cape Town, South Africa Arrives at 8:00am - Mar 11, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Mar 11, 2019

"ok" - Sherry49

Luderitz Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 16, 2019, Departs at 4:00pm - Mar 16, 2019

Walvis Bay, Namibia Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 17, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Mar 17, 2019

"Great harbor trip to see the seals." - cruisinjoan

St. Helena, UK Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 21, 2019, Departs at 3:00pm - Mar 21, 2019

George Town, Grand Cayman Arrives at 8:00am - Mar 23, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Mar 23, 2019

"Grand Cayman is beautiful! I hadn't booked any excursion because I wanted a full beach day. We got on a bus right at the port, took us to 7mile beach/Calico Jacks. I believe it was $8 per person. It was Election Day there which they take very seriously so there was no alcohol served on the island. I'm not a big drinker so I didn't mind too much. We had a coconut milk and some Jerk Chicken from a food truck because Calico Jacks wasn't serving food either. We rented 2 chairs and two umbrellas for $5 each. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white. We played in the water and soaked up the sun most of the day. There were guys renting jet skis, and I saw some paddle boarders as well. We left when some of the local vendors got in a dispute about money and the police showed up. We needed to get back to the Ship anyway. We caught the bus back, really enjoyed our beach day! I would love to visit Grand Cayman again. " - marvelmates
"We loved Grand Cayman! We went to 7 mile beach and by far it was the cleanest and most beautiful beach we went on this whole trip! The water was crystal clear! We also went jet skiing which was really fun." - tramos69705602
"They do NOT negotiate. The price listed is the price you pay. If you get a chance to take a bus trip to "Hell" (small town) you can get your passport stamped from Hell and even send a postcard postmarked from Hell. It's pretty funny. The store we stopped at even had an owner dressed as the devil, so pictures were fun. Had fun with all the people on my bus tour and the driver was fun, too. " - SawyersMommy

Dakar, Senegal Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 27, 2019, Departs at 11:00pm - Mar 27, 2019

"Unable to stop for pictures at a lot of the places, but tour guide was good and took us to a sand painting craft market." - cruisinjoan

Porto Novo, Cape Verde Isles Arrives at 7:00am - Mar 29, 2019, Departs at 6:00pm - Mar 29, 2019

Santa Cruz De La Palma, Canary Islands Arrives at 8:00am - Apr 01, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Apr 01, 2019

"One of the best tour guides if not the best we have ever experienced found here. " - Kennicott
"Take the city tour & visit the little cigar factories. Very interesting!" - JoyceF
"very charming island" - BlancaC1

Malaga, Spain Arrives at 1:00pm - Apr 03, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Apr 03, 2019

"If you have time, take a tour to Granada to visit the Alhambra. Be sure to allow some time to explore the town of Malaga on your return" - iankaus
"We went to Mijas, a mountain village outside Malaga. Beautiful with quaint whitewashed buildings" - wynottb
"I didn't know what to expect from Malaga and had no preconception of what it might be like. It turned out that it's stunning! The medieval fort is well worth the climb, the views are spectacular! " - beckatron14

Barcelona, Spain Arrives at 8:00am - Apr 05, 2019, Departs at 10:00pm - Apr 05, 2019

"We stayed a few nights in Barcelona before getting onboard. Well worth it. Must sees are La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Mila. Many more things are possible and the people watching is fantastic." - JeannieM
"We stayed at the H10 Metropolitan hotel pre-cruise and the Olivia Balmes hotel post-cruise. Both hotels were phenomenal! The service at both hotels was unmatched and exceptionally clean! The H10 Metropolitan hotel was a little more centrally located for us. We also did the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour of Barcelona. Great value and a lot of fun!" - islandcruiser14
"Beautiful city - take in Sagrada Familia - incredbile." - Aprguy

Hotel In Monte Carlo Arrives at 4:00pm - Apr 06, 2019, Departs at 5:00pm - Apr 06, 2019