Port reviews and tips for 7 Night Western Caribbean (Galveston Roundtrip) on 2018-02-10.

Galveston, Texas Departs at 4:00pm - Feb 10, 2018

"Be patient. No matter how efficient the process is, when you deal with thousands of people there will be delays." - joenaguit
"We live 34 miles from here, so cruising out of Galveston is a breeze(a Carnival Breeze that is)" - coasterking
"First time every being in Galveston, and the location is beautiful. Go the day before and enjoy Galveston. The terminal is well organized and was a smooth entry." - dmnewsome

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Arrives at 8:00am - Feb 13, 2018, Departs at 4:00pm - Feb 13, 2018

"This was our first cruise and this was the third port of our trip. The tour guide and bus driver both were amazing. I have been on this app for a few weeks now and I have to say this, This is an awesome tool for first time cruisers or potential cruisers, they can read reviews and they can asks questions. I have noticed that there are people here who think they are above the first timers or those who are getting started. I think it's cool if you've been on twenty or more cruises, but that doesn't make you better than anyone else here, just makes you more experienced at cruising. Then there are those people who are here telling people what a bad experience they had on one of the excursions or on the ship. I am sorry that you had a bad experience and I respect your opinion, but give your bad experience and leave it at that. Don't tell others they shouldn't do something based on your bad experience, because what you find a bad experience someone else could enjoy. I see A LOT of people posting negative experiences on shore with locals, " they bombard you trying to sell you stuff", you are on a tourist island coming off of a ship. Just like here in the USA, if you don't want to buy something, politely say No thank you and move on. *but remember you traveled to their country to vacation and enjoy their country. I experienced my first cruise last year and I was so excited to see the other countries and their culture. I remember on the Jamaica port, they sent a memo as well as an announcement over the ship PA about securing your belonging and not taking unnecessary belongings... When I exited the ship, I was a little nervous about this port. But to my surprise I would meet some of the nicest people I have ever met, and they opened their country to my family and myself. We all enjoyed this port and our excursion was a bus tour of the area and we learned a lot about the culture and we were welcomed. I noticed that there was no issues with a persons race and I noticed that EVERYONE on our excursion was comfortable and no one felt out of place. I read comments or post here and people say things that lead me to believe that they were looking to find a reason to be negative about something. Bottom line, this is your vacation and we all take vacations to get away from our normal day to day. Enjoy yourself and relax! "This is your experience, make it the best experience YOU want it to be." " - ididit
"as you walk out of port turn left walk about 400 yards and on the right hand side of the road is a Turtle Farm Park , Completely free to go in and you can see the Turtles and Giant fish " - scarletsmummy
"Dunns River Falls and the Bobsled excursion were fun. Recommended. " - puffyjumbo

George Town, Grand Cayman Arrives at 7:00am - Feb 14, 2018, Departs at 4:00pm - Feb 14, 2018

"Grand Cayman is beautiful! I hadn't booked any excursion because I wanted a full beach day. We got on a bus right at the port, took us to 7mile beach/Calico Jacks. I believe it was $8 per person. It was Election Day there which they take very seriously so there was no alcohol served on the island. I'm not a big drinker so I didn't mind too much. We had a coconut milk and some Jerk Chicken from a food truck because Calico Jacks wasn't serving food either. We rented 2 chairs and two umbrellas for $5 each. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white. We played in the water and soaked up the sun most of the day. There were guys renting jet skis, and I saw some paddle boarders as well. We left when some of the local vendors got in a dispute about money and the police showed up. We needed to get back to the Ship anyway. We caught the bus back, really enjoyed our beach day! I would love to visit Grand Cayman again. " - marvelmates
"This might be my new favorite place on earth!" - flgardenguy
"We loved Grand Cayman! We went to 7 mile beach and by far it was the cleanest and most beautiful beach we went on this whole trip! The water was crystal clear! We also went jet skiing which was really fun." - tramos69705602

Cozumel, Mexico Arrives at 10:00am - Feb 15, 2018, Departs at 6:00pm - Feb 15, 2018

"One word "Beautiful"...... We shopped in the morning and did some sign seeing.....my husband re-proposed after 17 years of marriage!!! It was beautiful. We did the All-Inclusive Dolphin VIP Swim at the Aquarius and it was a bucket list item done. Man oh man, I cried and it was FANTASTIC!! As a VIP guest you have your own pool, personal chef and unlimited drinks. " - smora08
"Cozumel is so awesome! Beautiful people and always so welcoming when we arrive in Mexico! We love coming to mr. Sanchos they have great service and we love their beach set up. And their swimming pool with the swings and swim up bar. And all inclusive ! Love their ceviche 🐠! We always leave with a smile! I wish I lived by a beach like mexicos beaches. Beautiful!" - Ricardo72
"Sancho's beach club was awesome. Everyone was so nice, and we all hope to return there many times." - leahazille