Port reviews and tips for Christmastime Vienna To Basel on 2017-09-23.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 23, 2017

"The Rjik's museum, Anne Frank House and a canal boat tour are all worthwhile" - ronmurakami
"beware of pick pockets. Arrive at Schiphol airport 3 hours before your flight. It is a zoo." - sandytanzil
"Amsterdam has plenty to do for anyone's interests. " - realahab

Cologne, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 25, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 25, 2017

"Way to crowded to go shopping but the cathedral was wonderful. I could have spent hours looking and reading about this church and the history. " - Puddycat
"Kolner Dom, take the chance to climb to the top! What a view!" - jetta77612870
"Cologne was our favorite, from our guide to its history, its cathedral, its kolsch beer, its cologne and its vibrancy we thoroughly enjoyed our day there. " - Cruiser55130242

Rudesheim, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 26, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 26, 2017

"Definitely take the Coffee Excursion! I would like to visit Rudesheim again on a non holiday, most everything was closed." - jetta77612870
"We had a great time at dinner in the Dresseleck area. Well worth it." - Cruiser55130242
"A lot of fun to have free time to explore the narrow streets of Old Town with taverns and shops." - olgalucia

Koblenz, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 26, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 26, 2017

"We took the Moselle Excursion didn't think it was worth the money! We very much enjoyed all the other optional tours we took" - WalterCraggs
"We visited the Marksburg castle which was a fascinating tour." - Cruiser55130242
"Castle tour was not safe, very slippery and uneven. For me not worth the tour. " - Puddycat

Mainz (Heidelberg), Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 27, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 27, 2017

"Did the guttenburg museum/walking tour in am and afternoon tour of heidelburg. Enjoyed both. Take advantage of the tours. The ship itself is a place to sleep and eat--i would hate to spend hours on the ship while in port--it just isnt that comfortable! " - Gabiwat

Strasbourg, France Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 28, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 28, 2017

"Great bicycle tour of a beautiful city!" - Jamie1975
"Well worth it to add the all day optional tour to Alsace (food, wine, etc.)" - 1dancer
"Go inside the cathedral. Eat lunch in town for extra time on-site" - faulkfamily

Breisach Am Rhine, Germany Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 29, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 29, 2017

"From here, we toured the Black Forest with a guide who loved his subject. We learned a lot, saw a lot and can't wait for our cuckoo clock to arrive. After lunch we toured the Colmar Pocket museum, battleground and the Audie Murphy memorial. Our guide was from Prague, Czech Republic and a true scholar of WWII. He made it clear that without the allies defeating Nazi Germany, as a Slav, he and many other ethnicities would not exist. There was not a dry eye in the group and we veterans felt very proud to have served. " - Cruiser55130242
"Was okay, really could not see the demo's due to large crowd." - Puddycat
"Take the hike to the cathedral over the town--well worth the walk, even in the rain!" - faulkfamily

Chalon-Sur-Saone, France Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 30, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 30, 2017

Basel, Switzerland Arrives at 7:00am - Sep 30, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Sep 30, 2017

"Unless you have a terrible fear of heights you should try the excursion to Pilatus. " - Cruiser13786790
"Although we disembarked upon arriving in Basel we spent two more days there and found it to be a beautiful, bustling city. We took the train over to Lake Lucerne for the day and enjoyed that as well." - Cruiser55130242
"What a great city. Take some time to hang out with the Locals in the City Center, and visit the Rathaus. If you are visiting in a cooler month, find the Lady selling the Gluewhein!" - jetta77612870

Macon, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 01, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 01, 2017

Tour Three Gorges Dam Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 01, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 01, 2017

"The Three Gorges Dam is a massive dam project. It took 4 escalators just to get up to a viewing area where we could look down on the dam. Later that evening our ship sailed through the ship lock but we had to wait to go through and it got late so we didn't get to experience the few hours of going through the ship lock there (many people did stay up for it though). The next day we did an excursion, which was a ride in a sampan (small boat) up a tributary of the Yangtze called the Goddess Stream, which was a tour of the Lesser Three Gorges. The hour and a half ride gave us some amazing views of the Goddess Stream and was really enjoyable." - rcar11
"It's a monumental dam, but you don't really get to see much of it beyond a visit to two "approved" viewing sites." - BlueB
"The Three Gorges Dam is an interesting engineering achievement, but I'm not terribly interested in engineering. The view from on top of the Dam was lovely. There was little informed discussion of the environmental and human costs of building the Dam and displacing a million people." - WendyK1

Lyon, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 02, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 02, 2017

"I would love to come back and stay longer. Lyon is a beautiful city; the 2nd largest in France and has some of the most amazing sights. We visited the basilica which was so beautiful and also the Paul Bocouse original restaurant is here." - hayleyj1
"The city tour was ok. I loved the old town and would have like to spend more time there. because of our walking problems, we always tried to take the tour bus back to the ship rather than trying to find our own way. The beaujoulais excursion was really good. Our guild was very knowledgeable and made the trip a lot of fun. Had plenty of time to explore everything. " - arandsferguson
"Lyon was my favorite city. I would like to go back to Lyon." - CSouthworth

Beaujolais Region Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 02, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 02, 2017

Viviers Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 04, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 04, 2017

Tournon, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 04, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 04, 2017

"Went on a train ride for the excursion. It was ok. Not a whole lot to see, except mountainous territory. Only had time at the top for a quick bathroom break, but there wasn't much to see anyway. It was nice to do something different, and we needed a break from walking through towns." - arandsferguson
"We loved Touron" - Calcteach

Avignon, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 05, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 05, 2017

"Be sure to browse the Seasonal Local Market - 20 local growers from Avignon and the area. Monday evening from 5 pm to 7: 30 PM." - glomarrone
"If you have time, see Pont St Benezet (Pont d' Avignon). The bridge spans the Rhone between Villeuve-les-Avignon and Avignon. It was built between 1177 & 1185. This early bridge was destroyed & rebuilt with 22 stone arches. It is opened every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Entrance fee, 2 Euros worth it" - glomarrone
"No visit to this port should miss a tour of the Popes' Palace. You casn do a self guided tour, a tour with a headset for a couple of euro or a complete guided tour. There are plenty of videos inside - furnishings inside are scant. Still the place is beautiful." - glomarrone

Arles, France Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 06, 2017, Departs at 5:00pm - Oct 06, 2017

"Arles is a fascinating city with a lot of history. The roman ruins were amazing" - Calcteach

Cote d’Azur Arrives at 7:00am - Oct 08, 2017,