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August 2014 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Bahamas

Atlantis Dolphin Cay Shallow Water Interacction sad Exoerience.

We, ( my wife and I) had a very sad  Experience. and were extremely disappointed. On Saturday, August 23rd. 2014; We took The "Dolphin Cay Shallow Water Interaction" We were scheduled to depart at 11.15 am instead we left at about 11.30aqm

To aboard the buses to different places and tours There was a lock of organization, it took several different directions for us to be placed in the right for our tour "Atlantis Dolphin Cay Shallow water interaction" When we finally arrived at the "beach", the bus driver instructed us to remain in the bus .

He will drive us to the Dolphin Cay on the to the Dolphin's Cay , he advised us "once you have completed your tour with the Dolphin's , you may take the bus Coral Tower, that is parked right in front of these hotel, the bus will take you back to the Carnival Ecstasy tour group., that you come with. The bus back to Carnival Ecstasy boat leaves every half an hour beginning at , the last bus leaves at 6 p.m.".

The experience with the Dolphins was unforgettable!

The Ordeal began when we tried to board the bus back to the "Coral Tower" . We asked the Dolphin Cay hotel  concierge, how to go back to the "beach" to be reunited  with our  Carnival Ecstasy tour group?

She, told us to take the  bus that was parked in front of the hotel. before we board the bus we asked the bus driver if he was going to the "Coral tower beach"? He acknowledged that, he was! About half an our later, we come back to the same place, where we had taken the bus.

We went back to the hotel concierge;( now a different person) We again asked him \, how to get back to the "Coral Tower hotel beach".

He p[ointed to the bus in front of the hotel. We went back to the bus, luckily for there were some other passengers,

they told us that before going to the "Coral Tower" the bus was going to make one stop. and then continue to the "Corel Tower" ( I have to mention, that we are old persons and in a different country, with a lot of strangers, we do not know any body. it was not so pleasant!)

We arrive a the "coral Tower" almost an hour later.

I recognized the bus stop. We then proceed to look for the "beach "and the rest of the boat tour persons. In order to enter the "beach"  We had to clear with the security officer. We showed her our Carnival " bracelet

"and told her that we were looking Carnival tour people to be reunited with them.

She let us in., but we couldn't find any one from, our tour. (started raining)

We rode the bus back to Carnival Ecstasy boat, with out any incidents!

The following day, on Sunday  we went to the boat's "gust care department",  and look for the ashore tour excursion manager. Mr. Savio  D'Souza, we explained to him what had happened the day before( explained him what you just read) . Mr. Savio's response, was the Carnival Ecstasy, ashore tours were not responsible to provide transportation nor to or back to the Dolphin's Cay_beach.

I tried to make him understand that when we bought out tour tickets. No one makes aware of such inconvenience, furthermore ,in the tour booklet "FUN ASHORE" there is nothing on writing of such annoyance.

I, told Mr. Savio, that I was not satisfied with answer/explanation/apology. that I, wanted to talk toi his supervisor.

He advice me that if I want to get in touch with someone in a higher position to write to this E-Mail

instead I, am e-mailing you my complain in hopes to hear from you. before I get in touch with the Master , Pierluigi Barrile and/or the Captain Mr. Luigi Aorta.


Enrique & Lupe Ruiz

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Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Ecstasy - the gust care department is not well organized, needs a lot of improvement.

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