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Adventure of the Seas

February 2016 - 7 Night Southern Caribbean (San Juan Roundtrip) Cruise on Adventure of the Seas

Average Cruise

This was the 6th cruise sailing with Royal Caribbean and the second time on the Adventure of the Sea. We sailed on a number of cruise lines including Carnival, Norwegian & Princess. To be honest, we felt this time around, the cruise on the Adventure of the Sea was not up to par compared to our previous experiences.

 My wife and I felt improvements are needed on this Royal Caribbean ship, especially for the entertainment offered on the pool deck & lacking production shows, if they want to keep up with the other cruise lines.

We realize were on a Caribbean Cruise, but that Caribbean music by the same group over and over for seven days, playing the same style music, gets boring. We have been on other cruise lines that have way more variety for their pool deck entertainment.

In addition, of the seven nights & only two nights with production shows with the Royal Caribbean singers & dancers, we felt the entertainment lacked. In addition, why did was a production show scheduled on Super Bowl Night?? That made no sense what so ever. One night in place of a production show was a mediocre comedian, anther night was an impressionist & then anther was a flutist. The night the flutist played the theater was not even half full; we never ever saw a so called production show lacking so much audience. Then to top it off, before the first song was even over, rows of people including my wife & I got up and left. We felt this was the worst show we ever witnessed on a cruise ship.

We also felt the food this time around was not up to par also, especially in the Windjammer Lunch Buffet. Thank god there were hamburgers every day, it lacked variety.  I wanted to mention the great service we received from Alina Khafizova every day at the Windjammer Buffet, and she even filled in as our assistant waiter at dinner, she went over and beyond, very helpful & friendly.

We did observe on a number of occasions though that the tables in the Windjammer do not get cleaned properly. It seems the tables are wiped off with just a rag with no cleaning spray of any sort, so they are left streaky & unclean. 

I was totally shocked to witness a couple tables being wiped off by a left over cloth napkin after clearing there dishes.

The main dining room food had good & bad choices. The chicken marsala was terrible, thick chunks of chicken, not pounded & tenderized, that were very tough. The marsala sauce was very bland / tasteless.  Another night deep fried fish was served, we could not eat it. Why not broil it instead?? We even told the female waiter in charge of the dining room that improvements need to be addressed if she wants to keep up with the other cruise lines. Also, we noticed you could only get shrimp cocktail on formal nights and they did away with it on the other nights. In September of 2015 we wailed on the Norwegian Breakaway and I had mentioned at our dining table that the one thing we really liked about Royal Caribbean was they served shrimp cocktail every night and then to find out the first night of the cruise Royal did away with it. As far as our wait staff team, Rommel  Isidro and Maksym Kolesnikob were both outstanding.

Our stateroom attendant was outstanding, friendly & helpful l. She always left our room spotless & cozy. The refrigerator in our cabin did not chill anything and needed to be replaced.

I must mention, something needs to be done for safety reasons especially when entering the Ice Show. When those doors open it’s like a stampede, there needs to be some order when entering.  Also, Royal Caribbean management needs to inform their staff of the saving seats for the show. I mean people were saving rows of seats. I had mentioned to a few of the attendants that it is not fair to save that many seats at one time, but nothing was done to correct it. I blame management for not training them properly. We were in line 15 minutes prior to the show and ended up sitting 2 rows apart because of all the seat saving, there was no order what so ever.

My wife & I feel Royal Caribbean Cruises went downhill since our first one. But if these changes could be addressed, they could be back on top like years ago.

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Freedom of the Seas

February 2015 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Port Canaveral Roundtrip) Cruise on Freedom of the Seas

Very Dissapointed

We just recently returned from a Western Caribbean cruise on the Freedom of the Sea. This was the fifth cruise we have taken on a Royal Caribbean voyager ship. These ships are huge with over 4,200 passengers & 1,500 crew members. My wife & I love the Promenade Mall located on deck five, that runs through the center of the ship. We love to sit, enjoy a coffee or tea and people watch everyone passing by all day & night.

We have pro’s & con’s on cruising this Royal Caribbean ship.

On the brighter side, we thought our dining experience on [deck four] was outstanding. Our waiter along with the assistant waiter gave us the best service we ever had on any of our 10 total cruises. They were very friendly & informing us of dining venues for the next day also. I mean as far as drink refills, before our drinks were half completed, we had another one in front of us. In addition, the menu choices were good along with the fine deserts.

I must admit, this time around, we had issues also. First of all, since the first day we got on board we had trouble with the TV in our stateroom. It took two days to get a new remote and that didn’t solve the issue, but at least were able to change TV channels. We had messages on our TV which we could not view. We complained to our stateroom attendant almost every day, but no fix. I called maintenance almost every day to rectify issues with viewing the interactive TV. I felt like we were getting the run around. To be honest, we never did get to view any our messages and I got tired of asking how to retrieve them.

We were shocked also on this cruise those two nights our towels were left on the bathroom floor when we got back in our cabin after dinner or replaced with new ones. One night I called housekeeping at 10:30 PM and they told me to look under the bed for clean towels. I almost thought he was joking, but he was serious.

Another issue was with our cruise reservation. Clearly stated on our reservation with AAA North Penn travel center was we were to receive a bottle of champagne upon arrival. After a couple days passed, I went to the guest relations desk and they told me that our room number was not listed for that promotion and all it showed was $50 on board credit. How could this be??

As far as the guest relations desk, I stood in line for 30 minutes to get one of my questions answered. There were five people at the desk when I first arrived, but then after waiting, it dwindled down to just one person. I have no idea where everyone went. Many people in line were getting very impatient. Management really needs to look over the amount of people left to help and oversee how many people go on break at the same time. I wasted 30 minutes of my time standing in line that I could have been enjoying on the ship.

Dining in the Windjammer [buffet] on this ship was horrible. The food selections were far below par from everyone one of our past Royal Caribbean Cruises. The chicken selections for lunch & dinner [mostly dark meat] were terrible. We did enjoy the carved turkey station, which we saw only one day. The carved beef was dry & very tough, not a good cut of meat. My wife & I tried to avoid this buffet area whenever we could. The dining room for lunch is only open for lunch when at sea. We feel management needs to reconsider and allow the lunch dining room stay opened every day, even if it’s just the great salad choices that are offered by chefs upon entering dining room.

As far as the entertainment, we were very disappointed. There were only two production shows with the Royal Caribbean singers & dancers which were outstanding.  Then three nights they had two comedians & an illusionist. But, one night they had a rock bank in which did not fit in with the age group of the ship, [if I were to guess 50 years of age]. I mean as the Rock band started to perform, rows of people were leaving during the performance every couple minutes. It was quite obvious that show did not fit in with the age group on board. We were very disappointed in Royal Caribbean for scheduling them to perform on this ship; it was a wasted night of entertainment. We never saw that many people leaving any show ever. I’m sure the band felt insulted by the number of people walking out during their performance.

My wife & I always thought Royal Caribbean Cruise lines were a step above other cruise lines till this cruise.


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