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14 Night Southern Caribbean Carnival Journeys (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

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Oct 19, 2018 - 5:00 pm

See you on board! It will be my first time on the pride too.


Oct 19, 2018 - 12:16 pm

First time on this board. We are very excited for our 2nd journeys cruise - this is our 1st Pride cruise. We've book a St. Lucia excursion but that is all. Looking forward to meeting lots of new cruising friends.


Oct 06, 2018 - 12:55 pm

Use the Uber app on your phone. They are the cheapest and most reliable.


Oct 06, 2018 - 12:52 pm

You can bring one bottle of wine and a 12pack of soda in 12oz cans per person. No hard liquor. You can buy a bottle of hard liquor from the ship. Kind of expensive. Yes, there are self serve washers and dryers on all carnival ships. Before we became platinum on carnival, we spend one afternoon doing laundry.


Sep 30, 2018 - 3:01 pm

Can we bring our own alcohol and soda and if yes how much? And do they have washer and dryer for passengers?


Sep 27, 2018 - 2:24 pm

What are suggestions for transportation from Baltimore airport to port? What is the easiest and the cheapest. We will have someone with us with special needs. And suggestions from port to airport? Thank you in advance!


Sep 18, 2018 - 8:35 pm



Sep 17, 2018 - 11:37 pm

There should be 3 like last year - someone just asked this on the fb page


Sep 17, 2018 - 8:38 pm

How many elegant nights on this cruise? I know it’s usually 2 nights for 6 or more cruise days. Just wondering about 14 days.


Sep 10, 2018 - 1:04 pm

I get the flu shot


Sep 09, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Yes!! Love Journeys cruise.


Sep 09, 2018 - 11:20 am



Sep 09, 2018 - 9:33 am

See you there


Sep 09, 2018 - 8:02 am

Going on that cruise also. Can't wait, 119 days whoohoo!!!!!!


Sep 08, 2018 - 10:12 pm

It was sold out completely a couple weeks ago except for some balconeys last I had checked...then an ocean view became available for like, a day haha. Sold out is a good thing I suppose!


Sep 08, 2018 - 10:11 pm

First timer here too, with two 8 days and one 5 day under my swashbuckle. Excited to be gone for so long..... really contemplating that 24 day transpacific cruise next year too haha


Sep 08, 2018 - 9:59 pm

This is my first journey cruise. Also my second time on the Pride. I’m going on the Pride next week mostly to check out the ship and my first shore excursion. I hear conflicting reports about the ship but all agree how good the service is. Maybe I will see you in January.


Sep 08, 2018 - 6:00 pm

I have never gotten any type of shot for a cruise.


Sep 08, 2018 - 5:59 pm

I am so excited about this cruise!!!! This will be my 4th Journey Cruise. So happy it is sailing from Baltimore and back.


Sep 08, 2018 - 5:32 pm

Has anyone ever gotten a typhoid fever vaccination prior to a cruise? haven't had an issue on our last three cruises, but wondering if it's better just to be safe and get it, or as typhoid isn't really an issue anymore


Sep 07, 2018 - 3:14 pm

Good advice, and yea I think we are on the same one. 14 day Carnival Journeys out of Baltimore, in January '19


Sep 04, 2018 - 5:21 am

What update?


Sep 04, 2018 - 5:19 am

Try a Travel Agent. I know ours still had a room left last week.


Sep 04, 2018 - 12:32 am

I heard it was sold out!


Sep 03, 2018 - 5:01 pm

You're welcome. I also was worried.


Sep 03, 2018 - 3:44 pm

Thank you for the update. I was getting a little worried.


Sep 03, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Just got off the phone with Carnival. Apparently this sailing is SOLD OUT.


Sep 03, 2018 - 3:06 pm

Yes, the one for January 6.


Sep 03, 2018 - 2:51 pm

Are you referring to the one for January 6 2019 because we were booked on that one and I don’t see it either.


Sep 03, 2018 - 10:09 am

Checking today to see if prices dropped for this sailing and noticed this Journeys cruise is not showing up. Trying to get in touch with my PVP to get details. In the meantime, does anyone know what's going on? TIA


Aug 30, 2018 - 7:05 pm

On that cruise too. Good tip about bringing your own detergent. Thanks


Aug 30, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Thanks, unfortunately we had to cancel the trip but hope to get on her one of these days.


Aug 29, 2018 - 5:04 pm

We are on the same cruise?


Aug 29, 2018 - 5:03 pm

Take laundry detergent and dryer sheets and do wash half through. Allows to carry clothes for fewer days.


Aug 29, 2018 - 3:03 pm

Less than 130 days until our Carnival Journey sailing! It'll be my first time doing a cruise longer than 8 days.... Any special tips on what to bring? We will be driving to Baltimore, so luggage won't be an issue and we typically pack light.


Aug 27, 2018 - 9:15 pm

Sorry I guess I don’t look at this very often. I love the Pride it’s smaller but it feels like home. The staff are amazing, go to the MDR for breakfast it’s the best. Also afternoon tea is nice. The water slides are fun and go to trivia even if you don’t know the theme it’s usually fun. Hope this helps.


Feb 26, 2018 - 11:20 am

We just got back from the 14 day journey in january on the pride. Great time and we already booked for next january. Ww will see you there. The only wish we had was that the shows were better


Feb 26, 2018 - 11:05 am

Looking forward to it. This is our first time on the Pride and I noticed you've sailed her a few times. How is the ship, any pointers?


Jan 13, 2018 - 3:23 pm

Less than a year to go! I can’t wait!!!


Oct 06, 2017 - 11:41 am

How come they haven't updated day 9 to St. Lucia?


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Feb 16, 2017 - 7:53 pm

Can't wait to take this cruise!!


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