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7 Night Western Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Allure of the Seas

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kensgirl   Oct 21, 2016 - 6:43 pm

Thank you doghcr !

doghcr   Oct 21, 2016 - 5:28 pm

Ohhhhhhhh, nice Question!!!! My recommendation is to ask it on the regular chat to have a quick answer. Good Look

kensgirl   Oct 21, 2016 - 12:59 pm

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find any info on it. Where are the secret places on Allure to watch the ocean. Any particular deck ? Thank you !

Gio 7   Oct 14, 2016 - 9:50 am

Not on the Norweigen site, exactly what dandycruiser post

loripacr   Oct 11, 2016 - 7:58 pm

Does anyone know what devices , if any, are allowed on the Dragons Breath zip line to film the experience ? GoPro, cell phone? I'm going to try to film my husband from the ground but he'd like to film it on the way down as well.

MarknRenee   Oct 08, 2016 - 9:53 pm

So I got the all inclusive drink package… Where do we get our bracelets does anybody know that

monts   Oct 07, 2016 - 9:34 pm

Where is the best place for parking at Fort Lauderdale port?

monts   Oct 05, 2016 - 7:01 pm

Where is the best place to park?

doghcr   Oct 05, 2016 - 10:21 am

Never Been to Jamaica, The Bob Marley Tour Sound Awesome, But My Wife is on a WheelChair, Will this tour can accommodate her? Also, is this Tour directly from the cruise?

MarknRenee   Oct 04, 2016 - 9:25 pm

Cause it still show the opposite.. wish they would update to this site

MarknRenee   Oct 04, 2016 - 9:23 pm

Great thank you

dandycruiser   Oct 04, 2016 - 9:18 pm

no its sea day, haiti, jamaica, sea day, mexico, sea day....unless it was changed again.

MarknRenee   Oct 04, 2016 - 9:15 pm

Great thank everyone .. do we will be going to Jamaica than Haiti than Cosomel .. correct?

dandycruiser   Oct 04, 2016 - 9:13 pm

it's Day 3 it was changed a few months ago.

Sharon155   Oct 04, 2016 - 7:40 pm

They changed the itinerary weeks ago, maybe even sometime in August

cassandra99   Oct 03, 2016 - 2:43 pm

I'm going on the same trip. I just noticed that they flipped the itinerary around. I'm sure there is a good reason. Maybe they are anticipating damage to Haiti from hurricane Matthew and are planning for repairs prior to our arrival. Just guessing.

MarknRenee   Oct 02, 2016 - 5:13 pm

I am confused.. I saw will be in Jamaica in day 5 but the the rc website it show us there day 3 .. can anyone confirm what is the correct date?

afonseca   Sep 27, 2016 - 9:55 pm

When do they serve lobster in the main dinning room? Western Caribbean route..thanks!

lindakerr   Sep 06, 2016 - 9:16 pm

We have booked the 9 mile tour . (Bob Marley ) heard good things about it. Myself, husband and three kids are going x

dandycruiser   Sep 06, 2016 - 5:08 pm

what does everyone have plan to do in Jamaica?

Sharon155   Sep 04, 2016 - 7:56 pm

A M&M has been started at Cruise Critic. There's quite a few of us!

Gio 7   Sep 01, 2016 - 12:24 pm

Did anyone start a Facebook page for our cruise and is there going to be a meet and greet on board or the night before sailing?

dandycruiser   Aug 30, 2016 - 9:58 pm

you're welcome

MarknRenee   Aug 30, 2016 - 9:27 pm

Thanks for your help

dandycruiser   Aug 30, 2016 - 7:48 pm

there is also a near by embassy suite

dandycruiser   Aug 30, 2016 - 7:48 pm

Hyatt pier 66 is near by

MarknRenee   Aug 29, 2016 - 10:28 pm

I understand that but it's a very large port... Is there only one way in to all the cruise lines?

dandycruiser   Aug 29, 2016 - 10:27 pm

the port is port everglades which is in Fort Lauderdale, FL

MarknRenee   Aug 29, 2016 - 10:05 pm

Does anyone know where at the port is where we are to go to board out ship? Trying to find the closest hotel

MarknRenee   Aug 24, 2016 - 1:45 pm

Thanks got our shows!

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:32 pm

Not a bad trip. I drive back and forth all the time. In NC right now as a matter of fact. I know what you mean about lost luggage. Any other questions you think of, I will give it a shot. It is easier than it sounds. They walk you through it very well.

monts   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:30 pm

Not sure I think we will drive so we don't have to worry about luggage getting loss

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:29 pm

Driving down or flying?

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:28 pm

I personally like early dining so we can attend shows after dinner but many folks like late seating. We are older so early is better for us.

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:27 pm

We are from NC. Currently live in South Florida due to a job transfer.

monts   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:26 pm

South carolina

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:25 pm

Do you mind telling me where you will be traveling from?

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:25 pm

Yes, that will be taken car of in online check in. You are assigned a table. It will be on your sea pass card. That looks like a hotel room key but acts as your key and your on board credit card. Whatever card you connect your on board expenses to will be "loaded" onto your sea pass card. Don't lose it! It is your everything. Your dining table will be printed on that card.

monts   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:21 pm

Do you book a time for our table? Also I am assuming they give us a set table?

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:16 pm

Oh YES, do online check in!!!!!!!!! So much easier!!! When you get to the port, the porters will take your bags but make sure you hang onto meds, passport, boarding passes, etc. I also have one change of clothes and a swim suit in my carry on. No beach towels needed. They are provided on board. I will probably think of more and pass it along as it comes to me. Most of all....HAVE FUN!!

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:13 pm

When you get on the ship, find your table. Helps with the hustle at dinner time. Go on at least one excursion. I also like to stay on board on port days. Spa specials and no one pool side. Hope this helps but feel free to ask more if need be.

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:11 pm

Also, bring battery powered tea candles. All rooms are very dark. Check to make sure you have your passport 100 times. An extension cord is also great and I bring my Yeti or a similar "go with me" cup. The cups on board are small and ice melts quickly. Have breakfast or lunch in the dining room a few days. Totally different from the buffet line. If you don't like your table, asked to be changed.

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 04, 2016 - 10:07 pm

I would suggest a hotel close by and call ahead for shuttle service. There are lots near the ports that have inexpensive parking and will shuttle you to the port. We always arrive around 11 and have lunch on the ship. My best tips are to yes yes yes make reservations...just in case. Also just some fun things: an over the door shoe rack is invaluable for counter space in the bath.

monts   Aug 04, 2016 - 9:47 pm

Where should we stay the Saturday night before? Where should we park while gone? Will the hotel have a shuttle? What time should we get to the ship? Should we just go with the flow on the ship or make reservations for everything? Should we do online check in? Etc...

dandycruiser   Aug 03, 2016 - 11:39 pm

what do you need help with?

Deck Hand

kbmgriggs   Aug 03, 2016 - 8:15 pm

Pinterest has myriad ideas and advice. What specifically do you want to know?

monts   Aug 02, 2016 - 10:37 pm

I am clueless as to what we need to do. This is our first cruise

monts   Aug 02, 2016 - 10:34 pm

I don't see that

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:52 am

Thanks x

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:52 am

from i have been told is day 2 and either 5 or 6

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:50 am

Thats what we are doing just now. Do you have any idea when the formal nights are ?x

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:49 am

no problem hope you get it book. my husband and I have to sit down and book all our dinners and shows also

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:47 am

We have tried several time. It just says the requwsted modifications is currently being modified . Thanks for trying gx

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:45 am

thats weird. maybe try logging out and going back in. maybe the time youre trying to book is full

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:44 am

Thanks not sure whats happening. We have booked it and my daughter trying to book it but it has disappeared 🤔🤔x

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:37 am

yes i see it. it available day 1,2 and 3. 2 times each night

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:33 am

Thanks dandy x

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:32 am

hold on let me log in and see

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:28 am

I seen it and it disappeared before i could book it. Is it still showing on yours ?xx

dandycruiser   Jul 30, 2016 - 11:27 am

i did

lindakerr   Jul 30, 2016 - 10:55 am

I cant see ocean aria?. Can anyone else see it ?x

cathymaclin   Jul 29, 2016 - 5:39 pm


Sharon155   Jul 28, 2016 - 4:26 pm

Reservations are open for shows!

monts   Jan 09, 2016 - 8:40 pm

looking forward to it

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