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Carnival Freedom

March 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Galveston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Freedom

Very disappointing

The only positives on our cruise were our stateroom attendant, Jeffrey, and the pizza available to eat at The Pizza Pirate. Food available at formal dining room and the Lido cafeteria was mediocre at best....never very fresh or hot. All desserts except self-serve ice cream were stale and without flavor. Unlimited Bubbles drink option is a joke when you have to fight your way through the lines at "bar" to get a soda. Bartenders were not responsive to people who just wanted a soda. They were looking for big bar orders and tips. Lingering smoke from the casino and other smoke approved areas made many areas of the ship that were NON-SMOKING very unpleasant and stinky. Open air atrium and bar area on 3rd floor was a CONSTANT source of noise at night in our cabin...EVERY single night, the loud booming music and hollering of partying guests made our evenings almost unbearable. The whole tender ticket / transfer fiasco to get off of the boat in Cayman is unforgivable and so poorly planned, you all should be make all of those passengers line up like cattle to get a "tender" sticker to get off of the boat. You could have easily ran it like you do disembarking instead. Shame on Carnival! Why not dismiss people by deck? Finally, you ABSOLUTELY should not let anyone who cannot speak clearly make announcements. The heavy accents and intelligibility of the spoken word was ridiculous. I was hoping for a nice, memorable vacation gift for my graduating Senior only hope is that her impression of it all is not a poor as mine. NEVER AGAIN!

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