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January 2014 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Southern

Going down hill.....

I have been on 8 cruises with Carnival and have found that they have been slowly going down hill in some of their services. The food is the #1. I did not have a good....hot meal in either the dining room or the buffet. I only went to dinner in the dinning room the first dress up night...had a pasta dish that was ice cold..and it took 2 hrs to have dinner. The buffet was no much better....breakfast lines were so long and you had to go to differnet areas to get what you wanted by the time you sat down everything was cold. The desserts tasted like they were frozen.. cakes were dry. One day they had a all chocolate dessert bar. One was called orange chocolate cake one pear chocolate so I tried both. They were the exact same cake with orange slice and pear on top. No orange or pear in the cake at all. Had a what they called cheese cake one day and there was no flavor to it at all. They use to have a grand buffet which was really amazing.. it went the whole way throught one of the main dining rooms...with fruit carved...ice sculptures. and great food....the last 3 cruises they it was limited to the buffet area only one side and it was crappy....now this time they dont even have it anymore. 

Now to the photos. You use to be able to by a 8x10 of a pose and then for a lower price pick another size  of your choice in a different pose. Now you have to pick the same pose. Say if you just want 5x7 and not the 8x10 you still pay the same price as a 8x10. So pictures will cost a fortune....and they have areas set up every night for them to take pictures for you. 

The shows were the same as ones I had seen couple of yrs ago. They had a x rated commedian and saw him before also. The bingo is really expensive for what they give out. Paid 30.00 for 3 cards and only paid 150.00 if you won. Didnt go to anymore after that. Heard they had one for a cruise but don't know how much it was. Heard a man complaining to someone that he had to pay to play on the pool tables.

I never had a hot shower....warm was the closest you could get....had to ask for ice bucket so I could take my pills because the water in the bathroom never got cold...I had no complaints about the room or our room steward. He was great. His name is Iwayan on the Valor...if you get him tell him Vickie & Rita said HI....

I am a smoker and you use to be able to smoke in the rooms but now I have to purchase a balcony so I can smoke and there was only 3 places on the ship for smokers..either outside on one side of the ship and small area maybe about 10 stools at a bar near the casino and a small area in the casino. I have a electric cigarette that puts off no smell...no tar... nothing but vapor and you were  not allowed to use them either.

With all the things carnival is changing and not for the good I am considering trying Royal Carribean next time. I know they cost more but if things are better it will be worth it to me.




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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Valor cruise review - Going down hill.....

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