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Disney Wonder

November 2015 - Disney Wonder to Caribbean - Bahamas

Disney Magic

December 2014 - Disney Magic to Caribbean - Western

Love Disney Cruising

This was our 2nd cruise with Disney, 1st time on the Magic and it was what I expected from Disney and so much more. 

Before I get into all the magic and wonder, I will say that it was our first time at Port Canaveral and I didn't like that experience at all.  The check-in process was awesome, but there were not enough seats for everyone so there were tons of people just standing waiting until the boarding process started. We were one of the people who had to stand, and after being up since 3am for a 6am flight from Houston, TX, then running in the airport to catch the bus, we were pretty exhausted, and then having to stand...it wasn't fun.  That was the worst part of the trip, which wasn't really much in the grand scheme, but I did want to mention.

So on to the real review - the cruise..  I could go on and on about the Disney Magic, the service, the dining experience, the cleanliness of the ship, the best bed on earth, the shows, just all the magic!  They truly do provide a great experience for all.  I was actually surprised to see so many couples cruising with no kids.  We were in cabin 6144 and we loved our stateroom host - always tending to your every need, and if anything goes wrong, they go out of the way to fix it.  Nothing went wrong of course, but had it, I know it would have been immediately addressed.  Our dining team was great as well.  Always attentive and always funny and just all around good people providing good service.  My 9 year old loved this team and hated we had to miss seeing them on the last morning for breakfast.

The shows were awesome! You can't get any better than having Broadway shows onboard the Disney ship.  They are amazing.  We did both family shows and adults shows and loved every minute of each.  I can't forget to mention the movies!  They always show the latest and even movies that haven't come out yet. 

The food was great each night in the main dining area as well as the small spots on the 9th deck.  I love the fact that your wait staff goes with you each night to each dining room, and I love that you switch up and you aren't in the same dining room each night.  Also each night for dinner there is always something fun - a show, something.  We do the late dinner each time at 8:15 and it doesn't seem to bother my 9 year old much, but for those thinking about it with younger kids, I will say I saw lots of kids falling asleep at the dinner table.

24 hour room service (free) is great as well.  For those days you don't feel like the lunch buffet or those nights you want that mickey bar before bed.  They were prompt and just as nice as everyone else.

Oh I must mention- we thought it was so amazing that every time we passed staff in the hall or lobby area, they said "hello" - no matter how many times we saw them - they said the most cheerful "hello."  Just really great service and people.

Game shows, crafts and activities for the family, spa sessions, just so much to do for everyone aboard a Disney cruise ship.  You honestly can't go wrong.

Now about the ports - we didn't really care for Cozumel or Grand Cayman.  We are more history buffs instead of beach folks, so we enjoyed learning a bit of the history, but I think it we went again we'd stay onboard the ship and enjoy it.  We loved Jamaica!  We visited the Good Hope Estate and that was an awesome tour and the food was great!  This tour was booked through Disney so if you have a chance for sure do it.  Rough ride getting there as you will go through small roads and small mountains, but well worth it.

Last but surely not least - Castaway Cay, Disney's private island.  What can I say it is Disney and it was great.  Service, food, fun, it truly is a nice place.

I forgot to mention all of the character experiences you have aboard the ship.  Any kids dream! 

If you're thinking of cruising Disney, don't think twice, you and your family will love it.

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Disney Wonder

December 2013 - Disney Wonder to Caribbean - Bahamas

Very Nice Cruise

This was our first cruise, so we thought we'd do it in style with the most talked about, Disney Cruise.  It was very nice I must say, but I will say that the Wonder is in dire need of some updates.  The Wonder is one of the older ships, and to be honest it shows.  We were on the 2nd floor, mid-ship, which was a very good location for first time cruisers I might add.  One thing I must note is that our cabin had the smell of urine and just sort of a stale smell from the moment I walked in.  There were also lots of things on the walls that needed cleaning, but again, the Wonder is an old ship, and it is my understanding that she will be out for cleaning here in a few weeks. Disney's service came through as our hostess was on top of everything from the moment I mentioned the smell to her.  She did everything from mop, wipe, shampoo carpet, change linens and mattresses, etc.  She even gave us so many nice things for our inconvenience.  The size of our room was excellent.  We had the Deluxe inside stateroom with a large port hole window, and it really was nice to be able to look out and see some sunshine every morning.


My 8-year old daughter loved is so much she cried the day we had to get off!  She didn't really like to Oceeneers Lab on this ship, but did love the Club.  So much we had to drag her out most days.


The access to the characters was just awesome!  I mean you couldn't ask for anything more.  They were always walking around, or taking photos, and the lines were there, but not unbearable at all.  The cast members were so sweet and just awesome people anytime they saw the kids they came up to them, they were just awesome!


The only downside I had was that I didn't feel there was too much for me to do.  I'm in my mid-late 30's and my husband is in his mid-late 40s.  My mom who is in her late 50's tagged along as well.  The movies and shows were great, but it seemed something was missing.  I'm not sure what, but at times I was a little bored on the sea days.  None the less, I loved it and I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday in 2014 on one of the ships.  Ohh my 20 year old was there as well and felt she always had something to do, as well as my 11 year old cousin who we could never find for dinner!  She loved, loved, loved the activities for her age and she loved her counselors.


All in all, Disney is truly a great family cruise vacation.

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