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Liberty of the Seas

October 2016 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

unforgettable vacation

We 've been on 5 cruise lines so far and were a bit reluctant to try RC because we thought it was not for us. We like quiet cruising, enjoying the waves and sea. We were pleasantly surprised that RC had something for everybody. We wanted quiet time ,so we were able to enjoy ourselves  on decks 4 or 12. The ship Liberty was gorgeous! We loved it. I was a bit disappointed that  my "3 dark  caves " tour in Belize was cancelled for safety reasons(high water after rains) but I went to the spa instead and relaxed there for an hour 99 USD special. We were very impressed with a very friendly and caring crew. Those people did everything to make customers happy. Jacob was in a wheel chair this time and we are very grateful to people who helped us to board the ship and later depart it. We would like to especially mention our waiters Noel and Evhen Korolov at table 477  5.30 dining at Michelangelo . They were amazing providing very personal and enjoyable service. We really were looking forward to see them again every evening. They were always giving us very helpful recommendations and their choice of food was a win every time. They are extremely  professional and exceptionally good at their job.  We also want to thank our cabin attendant  Jinhee Kim who did an outstanding job several times a day. Our cabin was always clean and tidy. And his towel animals always cheered us up.   I was very impressed with the Filipino  sommelier who gave a wonderful presentation of wines from Rothschild cellars. She did an outstanding job!  We were very happy that we were able to attend Catholic masses almost every day.  I enjoyed Captain's presentation on the 5 November at Star lounge. The captain and other officers impressed me greatly.  We are very grateful to the crew of Liberty of the Seas for our unforgettable vacation and wish everybody all the best. Happy

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Caribbean Princess

November 2015 - Caribbean Princess to Caribbean - Western

Unexpected failure

We  always thought that in a stressful situation "Princess" would do everything possible to ensure safety and satisfaction of its passengers. But we were very disappointed when in an expected and not at all unusual event the company failed 100%. Passengers like us arrived to the terminal around 11 a.m. on November,29, for boarding.and were directed to the truck scale area. We were told that the ship was delayed and asked to join the line of cars. Security guards who were there knew very little or nothing at all of what was going on. They were speculating and saying unpleasant words about "Princess". Not a single company representative ever showed up to talk to the people sitting in cold cars who 've been waiting there for hours. There were no WC for so many people, no food or water. I like many others can not understand why we were not told to leave and check into hotels. Many had insurances to cover costs. And it was very easy to bring water bottles and some food like pizza to the people if they wanted us to wait. But absolutely nothing was done or said. At about 16.00 we decided to leave, we could not take it any longer without WC , water and food. At the fast food place we met other passengers who were upset and their travel agent was trying to get some information from "Princess". The truck driver at that fast food place told us that the ship won't come, he spoke to his buddies on the radio in Galveston. Amazing, that the driver knew more then the cruise company. Finally the travel agent told her people to check into the hotel and we decided to make sure it was correct and drove back to the terminal. They were loading people on buses and I was told to leave. So we checked into the hotel together with other people from that cruise. Everybody were saying bad things about the way they were treated. We got a 800 number that was supposed to give us updates. I called at 7 a.m. next morning and the info was still from 16.30 the previous day. At breakfast  one guest told us that the ship was in the port, her travel agent informed her. Embarkation was a mess. On the ship itself nobody was waiting to direct people to the restaurants or elevators. We got info about the sit down restaurant from a passenger. We asked several crew members on the way and they knew nothing. At the safety drill we were harassed by a woman doing the drill who was extremely rude trying to push us to the corner into the wall by squeezing a big fat man on a seat instead of bringing a chair for him. We bought the cruise because of Grand Cayman and Costa Maya. We skipped Cayman and had very little time in Costa Maya. Our cruise was 1 day short and it was very stressful. We returned back exhausted and not renewed. The compensation they provided was just onboard credit for one day. We believe it is not enough. We expected at least 25% off future cruise plus to that credit. We were given 50 dollars back pay by the travel company but could not use it. The tour I planned to use it for got cancelled.

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Caribbean Princess Caribbean Princess - We enjoyed food and coffees in the International café. We got a coffee card and used it every day

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