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Played drums for the Weekenders & Changing Times from 1972-1985. Worked for Ellendale Creamery, Hi-Line Hatchery, Walnut Grove Hatchery, C&S Vending, D&R Star and bought the Faribault Print Shop in Oct. 1989.


Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean

Ships: Allure of the Seas / Oasis of the Seas

Destinations: Caribbean


Cruiseline: Royal Caribbean

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Independence of the Seas

April 2016 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Great weekend getaway

Very nice short cruise. After a not so good cruise 2 mo. ago on a different cruise line we wanted a positive experience on a cruise line that have been very good to us and was not disappointed. 


The staff, especially Jemar our waiter was excellent. The upkeep on the cabin was excellent. Staff all over the ship very friendly and was always fun to hear, washy washy whenever you entered a eating place. Felt like we were entering a very clean areas. 


The entertainment as usual on R.C. was excellent. Always look forward to the excellent shows. 


The only bad experience was disembarking. Was total chaos, everybody trying to get off at one time. Lines all over the place and nobody knew which line to be in, after awhile we found our line and we were suppose to be 2nd group off but with the rest of the ship in the area trying to push their way was very nerve racking. 


Was very tense when got to security then our luggage was lost and nobody could really help. After security told us to look for our number nothing they could do, Royal shuttle tried calling different places, nothing, got to Delta, talked with them and R.C. reps, nothing they could really do also. Finally after some calls from home in Minnesota we got a call the next day and they found it and were told we have to have a cashiers check for $48 for them to send us our suitcase. As a business owner I'm a little disappointed with their response. I would never charge my customer for a mistake I made. Through 27 years in business I've had at times corrected my mistake and told them I'm sorry and made them happy. It's not the money that bothers me it's their reaction. 


That said at age 70, we won't let one episode sour our love for Royal Caribbean. We have another cruise booked for the Harmony of the Seas next Feb. and look forward to seeing a brand new state of the art ship. We want to try the best ships as long as we can. 


Enjoy your cruises. 

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Regal Princess

February 2016 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Western

Not for us

After 7 cruises on Royal Caribbean ships and 1 Norwegian, we are spoiled by all the entertainment and first class shows by those two. That's just us, most everybody I talked to on the Regal just loved the ship, and it was either their 2nd or more cruises on there or planned on being there again.


I very seldom write a negative review because I despise negativity but I guess my disappointment was a little too much. 


I was disappointed for the lack entertainment in the piazza or the time in-between acts. Especially during the day there was little going on. We are use to something going on all day on other ships. Was really disappointed on port days. We like to stay on the ship and relax and be entertained as do many people. There was no entertainment, nothing to do. I went for my 3 mile walk on the track and it was closed down. 


Like I said, it's just us. We plan and wait a year for this special week and pay a lot of money to be entertained and like to be by our selves. We don't want to go with a group of family or friends and that's what it seemed to be the trick on this ship. Most were in groups playing cards or reading books. We just want to do something different once a year and get away from normal routine. If we want to read or play card we can stay home to do that. 


For this 70 year old I'm afraid it's not for us. It's a beautiful ship but for us was just too boring. We miss the broadway shows, professional acts, piano players that interact with the audience, go from one act to another on another part of the ship, the parades and on and on. 


I really hate to say this but for 4 of the 7 days we dreaded the coming day. The highlight of the day for me was going between the hot tub and walking on the track. My wife's knees are real bad so she can't walk much and can't do the tenders. She did get off at Cozumel just to walk to the shops and back mostly to relieve boredom. 


The crew for the most part was very pleasant, loved Ana our nightly dinner waitress.  The food for the most part wasn't quite up to par with the other cruises. 


I'm happy for everyone that loves this ship, after a day I'm already starting to book the Allure of the Seas or one of the new Royal ships. 

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Norwegian Getaway

February 2015 - Norwegian Getaway to Caribbean - Eastern

A nice break from the cold


All in all was a nice cruise. I especially like the Waterfront, the walkway/outside diners/bars around the ship. It was nice place to relax several times a day just sitting on comfortable chairs while the sun warmed the shaded areas. It was also a nice place for many of us to walk around because the walking/running path on the upper deck was pretty small and crowded and after 9:30 too many people in the area to use. 

The ship was very clean, our room was a bigger porthole room and very comfortable and spacious. The dining was very nice, the Savor and the Taste Restaurants were clean, good food and very friendly staff. The Garden Cafe was very good, we went there several times a day for breakfast and lunch and a few times in-between for coffee breaks. 

My biggest disappointment was the Atrium on deck 6, we didn't want to sit around much the first 3 nights because of the smoke coming from deck 7 which had the casino. After it filled up with people the perfume and movement of the people helped a little. We learned to sit back by the guest services desk away from the smoke. We have never experienced that much smoke on any other ship. There was always smoke in casinos on other ships but we just chose not to go there. I have all my life been around smoky areas, bars etc. but as I get older it bothers me more and choose not to be exposed to it. I'm afraid that's a deal breaker for me for Norwegian ships. 

This was the first time on a Norwegian ship after 5 cruises on Royal Caribbean. After R.C. cruises especially the Oasis and Allure of the Seas this ship had a lot to live up to. We didn't feel there was as much variety of food, especially the sweets, pastries etc., places for free coffee other then the Garden Cafe as R.C. had. 

I do like the over 18 area better on R.C. because they have bigger and more whirlpools, and also had a cover over the seats where you could either be in shade or sun whatever your liking where Spice H2o was all in the sun. Spice did have a nice cool water area to go into which was a plus.

In Summary if they get a better filtration system for the smoke I will consider the Norwegian once again, the rest was very nice, not great, but very nice. I don't regret one moment for this experience. I'm also under assumption that the rocking of this ship, more then I've felt on any other ship was from the undercurrents from the cold weather from the north which caused a lot of cracking and banging in our room for a couple of nights. That's what we were told anyway. 

We don't usually get off more then an hour at ports to just check out the immediate small shops outside the ships so can't comment on the ports. We usually like the quietness of the ship while everybody is off anyway. BTW the entertainment was top notch, shows, piano players, bands, and especially the illusionarium, that was the best magic/comedy act I've ever seen on any ship or most any where else. 

I had to give it 3 stars instead of maybe 4 or 5 especially because of the smoke. If that don't bother you this will be a good experience for you. 

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Liberty of the Seas

March 2012 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean

Celebrity Century

January 2011 - Celebrity Century to Caribbean

Grandeur of the Seas

September 2010 - Grandeur of the Seas to Caribbean

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Independence of the Seas Independence of the Seas - For those of you that like to run or walk on the beautiful track around the top floor, best to use it before 9 a.m or up to about 2 p.m. on port days. Rest of time congested with people sitting in recliners that spill out into the track and people 2 or 3 wide slowly walking and talking on the track.
Norwegian Getaway Norwegian Getaway - Go to the Illusionarium, best comedy/magic act I've ever seen, food was also good.

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