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Carnival Pride

February 2017 - Carnival Pride to Caribbean

Another day in Paradise

First let me say that my wife and I love cruising on the Pride and spending 14 days was the best.  Port by port:  Cozumel, nice port, good shopping, first time I've ever had my bags dog checked coming OFF the ship.  Panama Canal, don't know what I expected but it was that exciting.  Would have liked to have hit a port along the lake or something.  For anyone doing this, don't try watching from the upper deck, it doesn't seem like anything is happening.  Go down to windows along deck 2 or outside on deck 3.  There you can really see what is happening in the locks.  Limon, Costa Rica,  we did a great tour to see chocolate made from flower to the best chocolate I've ever eaten.  We enjoyed the port.  Aruba, WOW!  Possibly the prettiest place I've ever been.  So many beautiful beaches.  Bonaire, little shopping area, but there is nothing there but cactus.  Took a tour, The best of Bonaire.  There is no "best"!  Glad to have seen it, but there really isn't much to see.  St. Marten, one of our favorite ports in the Carribean.  Water taxi ($7 all day) takes you to Philipsburg where there is great beach ($25 for 2 chairs, umbrella, 4 drinks and free WiFi, and you could probably negotiate that price) and too much shopping for one day.

Always felt rushed on 7 day cruise, had such a better time at 14 days.

My only negative was the food in Normandie.  I don't think the choices were what they have been in the past.  There seems to be a push toward more " exotic" dishes and less choices for us meat and potatoes types.

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Carnival Pride

September 2016 - Carnival Pride to Bermuda

3 days in Bermuda

First, let me say we love the Pride, so that part gets s 5.  

The island is very pretty and the beaches are beautiful (except they looked just like stateside beaches, I didn't see any pink!).  But if 2 of your 3 days are on and off rain, then unless you are into $90 Bermuda shorts and $200 shirts or drinking yourself into a stupor, there isn't very much to do.  Now that isn't Carnival's fault or Bermuda's fault, we booked during hurricane season!  We went to Hamilton and St. Georges, and had a difficult time even finding souvenir t-shirts.  The island is very expensive and upscale.  Public transportation (buses and ferries) are efficient and reasonably priced and the people that we met and dealt with were extremely nice and showed great pride in their homeland.

From what we had read before the cruise we believed that there were many things to see within easy walking distance.  Well, for a 65 and 70 year old couple, believe me this wasn't true.  The beaches are, of course, at sea level and the roadways are not.  We took an excursion to Horseshoe Bay that took us right to the beach.  If we had taken a bus, we would have never made the hike back up the hill to the roadway.

Overall,we enjoyed the cruise, are glad we got to see Bermuda for the first time, but we will not go out of our way to go back.  If you are a person who enjoys the beach, scuba diving, longwalks, upscale shopping and drinking this could be the cruise of a life time for you (if the weather is good).

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Carnival Pride

January 2016 - Carnival Pride to Caribbean - Southern

10 days in Paradise.

Let me start by saying that we are both over 65, living on a fixed retirement income.  We try to save enough each year to go on one cruise.  We do not expect perfection.  And shop more at Wal Mart and K Mart then Sak's or Macy's.  That being said we may have less expectation of everything being "wonderful" and more understanding that life is life and life happens.

We spent 10 days seeing parts of the world we have never seen before while getting treated like royalty.  Not a fan of the new dining menu, but we cannot normally afford to go out to eat three meals a day for 10 days.  Some meals were not hot, the morning buffet scrambled eggs tended to be a little runny, but we got to eat them in Paradise.  How lucky we are!

The ports were all good.  The only real complaint would be the hair braiding woman in St. Lucia.  These ladies would not take no for an answer.  Booze is St. Kitts was incredibly cheap.  Excursions were varied and everyone should be able to find something they will enjoy.  The buses were often filled, so if you have cloustaphobia or don't like people, avoid bus excursions.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.  If there is road work which holds you up, enjoy it.  All the beaches we went to were nice and clean and vendors generally accepted no and moved on.  Shopping was generally very friendly and prices were reasonable.

We love the Pride and though there are signs of her age, but she is still comfortable and the crew is great.  They work overtime keeping her neat and clean and making sure that the passengers are having fun (though there will also be someone to complain, it's their nature).

Complaints:  Pizza Pirate.  There has got to be a better way to do this!  I guess we get used to instant gratification but I hate waiting 10 minutes for a slice of pizza.  

          Smoking.  But not what you think!  My wife is a smoker, doesn't make me happy but she is addicted.  They have closed off smoking except for maybe 40 seats on the Starboard ship forward on deck 9 and maybe 20 loungers on deck 10.  There are 6 tables and half a bar in the casino (for non-gamblers).  All these areas are always full!  Tells you how many smokers are on the ship.  When she could smoke on the balcony of our cabin, there were never any problems.

If you have any specific guestions, do not hesitate to ask me.  I will give you an honest answer.

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prettymuchnuts's Tips

Carnival Pride Carnival Pride - I couldn't live without my balcony. Just being able to sit outside without the direct sun of the upper decks. Bring an "octopus" plug!!! Especially with all of our electronics, one electrical outlet just doesn't work. Eat breakfast in the Normandie at least once.
Carnival Pride Carnival Pride - Take an extension cord, octopus or spider plug, and a multi charging port for all your electronics. Can't emphasize this enough.
Carnival Pride Carnival Pride - The alcohol is not as cheap as in some of the ports. The distribution after arrival at disbarkation needs to be rethought.

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