Tristan Da Cunha Group (St. Helena) Cruise Port

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About Tristan Da Cunha Group (St. Helena)

This group of South African islands was created by a spectacular volcanic explosion. Indeed, nearly all of Tristan's population evacuated to the United Kingdom after a similar eruption in 1961. The remaining 300 inhabitants provide visitors with a cozy and hospitable traveling experience. Get the full effect of Tristan through its quaint craft shop, museum, fishing village, and long boat tour.

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We missed it! This was to be the stop of our lifetime with a round of golf played on a 9- hole course at Edinbourghof the Seas. We were to arrive from Walvisbaai, Namibia o/b Regent Seven Seas Navigator, but tendering not possible due to rough mounting waves. Heading straight on to Montevideo.

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