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by BillnSuze

Ok for a swim and stretch your legs - only about a 20min walk all the way around island. A small market area with the same stuff to buy that you will find on every island and in every time, but more expensive. I wouldnt lose any sleep if I didnt go ashore here.


by Dave72

Great island . Their were a lot nice locals on the island.The beach was wonderful . Their were a lot of fish really shallow up which is good if you like to stay stay shallow but bad if you liked to go deep because their were no fish past waist Height which was disappointing . The locals were nice and there were a lot of children working on the island helping their parents which I thought was very nice . The locals singing spot sounded amazing .

by Koalcash

We walked all the way around the island. When exiting the pier we walked to the right and all the way down the beach we saw some snorkelers. Best snorkeling on the trip. Middle of the island had stands set up. No pressure gentle people with little English. Local language and French spoken.

Visited: Feb 21, 2017

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by jdchapman

Great island. The water was very calm and very clear. Many fish were spotted really close to shore around the rocks so you didn’t have to swim out far to see fish and crabs. Many activities to do on the island. I went on the water toboggan which was really fun. The only problem was there was a lack of meals instead they just have snacks. There were a few showers midday which caused us to go back to the cruise early

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