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by mickeyhammad

The port is industrial. We took the excursion to Santiago. Valparaiso is old, rundown, and not safe. We were told to lock all valuables on the bus before we got off. Vina del Mar was pretty and we wished we had more time at that stop. We ate lunch in Olmue. the restaurant had excellent food. Santiago was fun and we stayed an extra day to take.

Visited: Feb 20, 2020

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by StevenSue

We actually did a tour in Santiago since we were flying home from there. We were very impressed with the modern city, yet it had many parks inviting people to be outdoors exercising, biking, walking. Our guide was amazing bringing us to a traditional restaurant near the gondolas and large park, and then to the Dominican Handicraft Market. It was definitely a 5 star tour!

Visited: Feb 03, 2019

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by DaveinNH

Not really a port call - just embarkation point. Industrial dock with a makeshift passenger terminal. The eembarkation process was fine, though. No long waits or unneessary processes to go through.

Visited: Feb 15, 2020

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by projectgal

Wanted to take the cheap route to Santiago so opted for the Pullman bus. Easy to find at the port and cheap. It is a one and a half hour bus ride to the main bus stop in Santiago. Found a taxi inside the bus terminal and got an inexpensive ride to our hotel. Please be advised that taxis on the street were not recommended by our port agent telling us to be sure and book a taxi from inside the bus station, These drivers wear white dress shirts .

Visited: Jan 08, 2019

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by mriveracpa

Nothing to do unless you go to Valparaíso or santiago. Take the bus. Walk to the station use senior discount no more that 5 dollars. Then use uber in Santiago or take bus to Valparaíso. Go to San Cristobal in Santiago. Chile is a beautiful city. Especially el condes area

Visited: Mar 10, 2019

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by cruzinchicken

Our port was switched to San Antonio after we booked the cruise. San Antonio is not yet equipped to handle cruise ships or tourists. It sound like it will be better in a few years once they have a chance to build some infrastructure.The streets were all jammed with traffic from all of the taxis and busses trying to get to the port. We stayed in Santiago then hired a local tour guide to take us to Valparaiso then on to San Antonio.

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