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Excellent tour in the scenic railway and visit to the troll wall. Small town but nice to walk around and have coffee and waffles. ....................


Åndalsnes is stunning and lovely to visit. It is also a good base to head out into the surrounding mountains and towns/villages such as Molde. If you have time take a trip on the Rauma railway for breathtakingly stunning views which the train slows down for and includes Trollveggen. Travel as far as Bjorli station which is popular for those into skiing as the area has the most consistent snow fall (October to May) in the country. Åndalsnes is on my list to come back to in order to see the rest of the sights and to take in the mountains and fjords once again.


Beautiful port with looks over the mountains and fjords. Did an excursion to the troll wall , very informative and lovely stop at a hotel for coffee and cake

Visited: Mar 09, 2018

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Amazing scenery and the fjords you pass through are just breathtaking, did the romsdaltrekken viewpoint which if you are up to it is just stunning! The town is small but there are plenty of hidden gems there for you to find!

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