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by Bumpa47

90 minute bus ride to our destination of Mayan Ruins "Quirigua Archaeological Explorer" through quite dirty and poverty laden villages and cities. Our tour guide was good but we could not reconcile the pride she spoke of for the local people with their lack of simple ability to care for even the little they had. there was trash everywhere and buzzards knew where to feed. Once we got to Quirigua it was interesting and again our guide, of Mayan descent, was very good. Travel back was tough. 30 minute stop due to road construction was not fun but we did stop at a "Hibiscus Restaurant" which was a restaurant which our tour guide was familiar with and past friends of the family. We stopped for a pineapple drink and a tour of a pineapple plantation as well as wonderful tropical gardens.

Visited: Nov 10, 2017

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by AT399

We didn't see anything on the trolley tour. It seemed a shame to exploit these people with a trolley going through this depressed area. We didn't stop so couldn't even help their economy. Trolly was very bumpy and hard on your back. My husband was unable to get around the next day due to back pain

Visited: Feb 11, 2007

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by RaymondR

Industrial port with no down-town tourist section. There is a handycrafts building at the end of the pier where locals sell their crafts and tour guides sell their tours. There is a band playing there which was nice to sit and watch. You should book an excursion here since there is not much else to do. We went to Los Escabos waterfalls where you hike through rain forest and swim in natural pools at the base of waterfalls. This excursion was just OK.

Visited: Apr 12, 2009

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by MorganW

This was our surprise favorite port. It was amazing to see the lush vegetation and mountains as we pulled into the port. We took the excursion to Quirigua Archaelogical site and our guide was so informative and passionate about Guatemalan history. We got to see some of the most well preserved monuments of the entire Mayan world. Amazing! The sendoff the people gave us at the end of the day was very special too.

Visited: Mar 08, 2009

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