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by CaribbeanWaters

Very expensive skip buying souvenirs at this port. City tour was very educational and fun.


by PandBBelmar

Having had surgery 7 days before this port, we scheduled no excursions. We walked to the "Belize" sign and the Bliss "light house". We then perused the shops, picking up a few items for our hot tub/patio area. The smaller shops will haggle with you on price, if you are so inclined. Belize is not one of our favorite stops, as the crime rate is a bit high. On a previous visit, we did the "Altun-Ha" Mayan ruin tour. It was great, but all of the other excursions seemed a bit strenuous for 7 days post-surgical. So, we just kinda "hung out".


by frednunez1

Unless you have an excursion just stay on the ship and enjoy your Cheers package. Nothing to see here folks.


by skchannel

Stayed on the ship and took advantage of the spa. Unless we do an excursion, it is not a port that I enjoy. Goff’s Caye is spectacular if you need an excursion recommendation.


by Miracleb59

Visited the Mayan ruins….tour guides were very knowledgeable….extremely hot…mosquitoes were awful…lunch was good

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