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The capital of Gran Canaria is a delight for strollers with areas such as Ciudad Jardin, where beautiful gardens surround the Canarians' homes, and the old quarter of Vegueta, where Christopher Columbus stopped in 1492. Explore the island's beautiful landscape; the highlight is a visit to the Guanches' caves, where the island's primitive inhabitants once dwelled.

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Bring your swimsuits. The beach is the most popular place to go and it's gorgeous. Also, spend some time siting by the port at a little cafe. There's also a free Christopher Columbus museum that's set in a cute little area.

Visited: Oct 08, 2011

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A great port! World-class beaches, good food, drinks, and shopping all within steps of the port! We spent the day on Playa Las Canteras--a 3 km beach--that's across the very narrow peninsula from the ship's port. Canteras ranged from very calm waters with light-sand and a mixed family-friendly crowd to the north, to a volcanic black sand beach more popular with teens and LGBT further south, and mo...

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