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by hollyon

We took a tour in the morning as soon as we disembarked. This one was planned ahead of time and we had a bus that took us to see the Barbary monkeys, St. Michael’s Cave, ans a tour of the inside of the Rock, as well as other areas of the city. This was a tour we arranged ahead of time and was not one associated with the ship. The great thing about Reflection was you could choose any of their excursions or find your own. Loved Gibraltar.


by ESStutts

Did a taxi tour - the driver was knowledgeable and taught us a lot about the area. Loved seeing the Barbary Apes - they were everywhere on the rock.


by merrillandjulie

Went to the top of the rock and saw the monkeys (and a wonderful view!)


by SueTom1286

We really enjoyed Gibraltar, from the rock itself to the fascinating “Barbary Apes” who really run the place! Do the cable car for the fantastic views. We also toured the Great Siege Tunnels and St. Michael’s Cave — wow!


by kiwikinz

We did the Upper Rock Walking tour and just loved every minute of it. Our guide Tony was great, knew his stuff and made the whole morning so enjoyable. Took the cable car to the top, Saw the Apes of course, wonderful views from the Rock. Visited St Michael’s Cave which was amazing, and also walked down through the Siege Tunnels. It was quite a steep walk climbing back up, so would not recommend that part of the trip if you have difficulty with stairs or slopes.


by Philbert57

Take the cruise directors word that if you go up to the Top-of-the-Rock or the cave tours that they are difficult! Some of the tour group really should not have gone! Lots of walking up relatively steep inclines! ! ! But worth it.


by AngelaDawnHomer

Did the Top of the Rock tour booked with Celebrity. Enjoyed it though the mini bus ride was an edge of the seat experience!

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