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by LaCastillo

Ah, my dream island did not disappoint. Hired a private guide for an island tour. It took the full day. If I every go back I will simply spend my time walking around Fira and Oia. The views have no comparison.

Visited: Aug 10, 2019

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by BethanieKay

I'll preface this by saying that I love Santorini - it's one of my favorite places in the world. But visiting Santorini on a cruise is a TERRIBLE experience. There were FOUR ships in port, which is potentially 5-6 thousand tourists converging on this little island at once. And there is just NO easy way to get off and back on the ship. There is no pier large enough for cruise ships, so you must tender in and out. The problem is the return - there are literally only 2 ways to return to the ship, and both of them are from the main town of Fira. You can wait in line for the cable car, or you can hike down the donkey trail. The cable car takes 36 people at a time. You do the math. People waited 1.5 to 2 HOURS IN LINE. For those who are physically fit, the 600+ steps down the donkey trail seem easy - but they're really not. They're slippery, steep, and numerous people were hurt on our cruise. It's no joke. The cruise lines really MUST put pressure on the Greeks to find a better solution, such as buses back down to the new port of Athinios, and additional boats from there back to the ships. I guarantee people would pay if that was an option - but there MUST be some other option than the cable car or the donkey trail. It actually hurts business on the island if all the visitors spend hours standing in line, rather than shopping or eating and spending money. Please, someone do something to try and fix this.

Visited: May 17, 2018

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by phillyyoursilly

This port was beautiful. Make sure to wake up early and watch as you sail into the area, the sunset and all the mountains are worth it! This was one of our favorite ports. However make sure to be ready to wait in line when you need to get back down to the ship, the cable car doesn’t run so fast.

by BusyCruiser

If you are going to the picture perfect Oia (a must!), best tip is after you get off the tender there is a company right there ( that sells boat tickets 15€ and take you to Oia which also include bus transportation back to Fira. This way you don't have to wait for the small cable to go up to Fira (or take the donkey or hike the 587 steep and smelly donkey path) and then have to take a taxi (25-30€ one-way) or bus to Oia.

Visited: Aug 17, 2017

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by dlorimer

Read reviews about how to get up to the top. Definitely wait for the cable car. We started to walk but there was a stampede of donkeys / horses. They are allowed to roam free. We saw young ladies put on horses and set off up the 700 steps, the horse just stopped or turned around. I thought they were placid donkeys lead up the path, not let loose. It’s only €6 each way on cable car. Once you are up, there are beautiful views, however, you’ll have to hunt to find the iconic blue domes.

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