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by hixspartyof5

We walked around Old San Juan. This wasn't our first time visiting here. If you haven't ever been you need to go to the Fort and see all the historical sites the free trolley offers.

Visited: May 27, 2017

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by radcliff17

So beautiful. Another place I will be returning to. As much husband says I use cruises to test drive places and then if I love it I know I can go back for a land vacation with mon cruising family.


by katyh

Love love love Old San Juan! Spending three days here before our cruise. Everyone we run into is overly helpful and friendly. Streets are very safe and easy to walk on even at night! We like to stop in the out-of-the-way bakeries and cafes to eat authentic Puerto Rican food. We have not been disappointed! There is so much Beauty on this island. You have to be willing to explore. This is our fourth visit to Old San Juan and we still are discovering new things we have not seen. By far this is the best cruise port in the Caribbean! Make sure you go to El panedero Bakery for handmade pastries and breads. Ligio will take very good care of you! I do not understand the people who do not like this port or think it is dangerous or unsafe in any way. There are police patrolling the city making sure their city is safe. Perhaps the reviews are reviewing San Juan and not Old San Juan?


by BoomerangTX

San Juan is another of our favorite ports. There is just so much to do there, and the people are incredibly friendly. We have done a couple of different city tours, a rum tour, and explored on our own as well. Every time we are there we always make time to eat at Raices, one of our absolute favorite restaurants anywhere.


by allylovecruise

I love San Juan. It is a place where you can walk around the town for hours and not get bored. It is beautiful. From cruise dock it was easy to get to downtown.


by kthbowman

Did not do an excursion. You walk right off the ship and into the town. We walked to the two forts, El Cristobal and El Morro and then down the main street, Fortelezza Street, where all the shopping and restaurants are. It's all easy to navigate. One admission of $7 each gets you into each fort. Your national park pass works there too. Every other store is a jewelry store down Fortelezz St. We felt safe walking all around. There is a Walgreens across the street as you leave the ship and a Starbucks with free wifi just up the street too. Also Barrichina is a popular restaurant, supposedly home of the first Pina Colada.


by sammyd8912

My favorite port so far. Even though we walked a very long way on the outskirts of town. It was so exhausting but so beautiful. We met a local who gave us some good history info. She was great 👍 and mostly why the port waa so great. The locals are very friendly.


by btopping

Not sure why anyone would want to leave this place. It was beautiful. Took the Puerto Rico's Favorites tour. Tour guide was full of knowledge and knew the area very well. We went to Yokahu Tower and saw beautiful views of PR, the rain forest , waterfalls. Next stop was the Fort, a lot of walking but it was well worth it.


by Cruizincple2

My favorite port of all! A lot of history here. Took an island tour. Old San Juan is stunning. Love Fortaleza st. With the umbrellas. Went to a little place and ate lunch and had mojitos! They are a must and so is the mofongo. I had the shrimp and chicken and my husband had the pork. It was all so delicious! I can’t wait to go back to San Juan.

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