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by ronehall

First time to this port. Jamaica was Covid Level 4, which is high. They island was on lock down and no one was to leave there house for at least a week. You needed an excursion to leave the terminal area. The Jamaica staff took your temperature and made sure you sanitized before you got off the pier. We met our Carnival Excursion people, we did a panoramic tour. This took us to the hills above the island for an over look and drove parts of the city and back roads. This is something we like to do for any island we tour. We want to get a history and feel. This was relatively in expensive. The lockdown kept the streets really empty. We were shuttled to a gift/jewelry store to purchase items. Even though other stores were around, we were not to leave the area because of lock down. I am not complaining, the tour was great and did not feel overly restricted. Other people who did the river, waterfall and other excursions all had great times as well. Those who wanted to explore on their own were disappointed since nothing was open and they could not leave the pier area. There were many vendors set up on the Pier, all selling the standard items.


by laprairiegirl

We took a private excursion which was fun. We had a bar to ourselves and tried Jamaican beer. Saw where the locals lived and drank a bucket o beer at the local beach. The tour company was Tour Jamaica today. We were gone 4 or 5 hours and had a blast.

Visited: Mar 01, 2020

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by TravelingwTheo

Carnival posted a tour on the app called "beach getaway with lunch" but had no picture or description. We went to guest services and they described it as nice (its not Bamboo beach) so we took a chance and booked it. We loved it! We took a 30 min bus tour ride to Puerto Seco Beach Resort while we learned about Jamaica. Lunch was jerk chicken, salad, rice, escobar fish, and it was all good. We listened to Bob Marley on the ride back to the ship. The only unpleasant part was due to COVID the port authorities said we had to go directly from the bus to the ship and we werent allowed to shop in the port. Even though people not on an excursion were able to walk off the port and even go to the island village center where Margaritaville is and shop.


by MrsBlackross

The locals were very happy to have a ship in port and to sell us their stuff. Jamaica was very strict on their rules, masks on both indoors and outdoors. Security was walking around everywhere and they kept track of who came from the ship and who went back. I kinda felt bad for the locals because they were being watched so closely. There were temperature scanners in several doorways and if you scanned hot, you couldn't go into the store. They had the port/tourism area roped off, and if we were not on an approved excursion, we were not allowed beyond the Margaritaville shops. There's a starbucks in the shopping area, and there were a couple of fun street entertainers with tip boxes, that we and several others tipped in.


by Tavieg1

Unless you're on a Carnival excursion, forget about leaving the port shopping area cause of Covid


by goblue1983

Friendly Island! I never met anyone here not willing to assist. Dunn’s river falls is the perfect place for a small adventure. There is small climbing and cool photo opportunities.

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