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by Swoods09

So Cozumel it's nice while in the port, however once you wonder away from there things change. People follow you for several blocks trying to get you to but their stuff. Some won't take no for an answer. They also price their stuff way to high ( but you can haggle the price down) don't wear a sports team apparel EVERYONE will be yelling at you because that have someone with your team on it. .... Basically if I were you I'd book and excursion, stay in port, or have a nice day on an empty ship.


by kortlynb

Chankanaab Park was amazing. We did the Manatee swim and stayed at the Chankanaab Park the rest of the day. We upgraded and did scuba diving for $65 per person. Also they had an awesome lunch there. You could add a couples massage for anywhere from $50-$70. Great place with reasonable prices. Very beautiful and everyone treated us like royalty. Taxi was $12 each way.


by joelovescarmen

Went to Chankanaab -- it is always a nice place to spend a day.


by DianneOrwig

Not a fan of this port. We don’t do excursions and my husband wasn’t feeling well so I went on my own to shop and explore. It was too pushy for my taste.


by caty47

We went for a walk on Main Street. We felt uncomfortable as you are being chased by everyone to buy something.

by sherrimoll

I did not like the port we docked in I much rather enjoyed the other side of town last time we visited. There is a very sketchy area just outside the port. the shore excursion desk is not familiar with the excursions we booked the submarine and wasted 5 hours of our day to be told my son was to tall and could not go on the excursion. we spent $520.00 for 4 of us and were told by the tour company we would be refunded by the ship to find out that was not going to happen. so not only a wasted day but we are also out $520.00

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