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by AuntPinkie

We chose to do a shore tour of Curacao on the pink tram. We had fender bender on the taxi to the tram. No one was hurt and the cab driver did everything right. Some idiot stopped in front of us for no apparent reason, no traffic and a clear street. Our driver stopped as quickly as possible but still reared ended him. Her first reaction was to be sure all 10 passengers were alright and then to remain where we were until the situation was resolved. She called for another taxi from the shore tour company to come get us. Before we could be transferred to another taxi the other driver decided not to pursue the situation and we were on our way. He drove about two car lengths and stopped again. Either he was trying to scam folks or didn’t know how to drive his vehicle. The next day we were contacted by the shore tour desk to be sure we were not injured. The tram did wait for us and it was good historical information. I recommend the tour for a bit of information concerning the island. There is still plenty of time to do other things.

Visited: Jan 18, 2020

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by Zendog01

We took a boat trip to a beach, see flying fish, had a swim, then went to the town for the remainder of the day.


by GenieCruiser

Beautiful place, but our excursion was a disaster. Supposed to be a walking tour and 2 hrs at a beach. People who couldn’t walk were allowed on the tour and they were continually accommodated at the expense of others. Beach trip cut short and it was such a crowded beach we just went to the bar and had a drink


by bagzlady

Looks beautiful and interesting but the locals were not friendly as a whole, many were rude and some were hostile. The town was unkempt and run down. This is the only port that the people haven't been friendly and welcoming. Won't be going back.


by Oasis36

The weather was overcast and also rained on-and-off. This turned off my plan to head to the beach. Because of the rain, the deck was wet and I heard from a witness that there was an accident - an old lady felt down on the wet deck and she was sent to the island hospital for treatment. Ship left without her and her husband.

Visited: Oct 28, 2018

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