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by bmangus

This is a standard Caribbean sea port with lots of shops selling trinkets, t-shirts, hats, etc. By far the best prices on souvenirs of all the stops on this itinerary.

Visited: Jan 28, 2018

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by sherridunsworth

1st visit here. Beautiful place. We went on an excursion called Sky Safari ziplining. Very strict about the weight limit. Weigh you after you fill out the paperwork. Staff wonderful and friendly. My husband and i had never done zip lining before. We were in for a treat! Zip lining was so much fun! The scenery was beautiful! Next time i will take my camera.


by vanputtent

This was our first visit to St Kitts. We decided to book a tour with Thenford Grey. Our guide was Calvin Brooks aka "daddy". He was awesome. He was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. We visited several areas on the island and even had time to swim at the beach. I would highly recommend this tour.


by redbeardhoosier

What a great day! We have Toussaint's Taxi Tours largely to thank: a private tour of the island highlights, time at the UNESCO Brimstone Hill Fortress site, and an amazing beach break. History, architecture, and a wonderful beach break at South Friar's beach, less crowded than, and not the party/tourist atmosphere of, Cockleshell beach, and even more beautiful.


by debblws

Nigel - tour guide. Bus # GT103. Nigel was amazing. Everything about this tour was amazing. He knew everything about St. Kitts and the love of his homeland was so apparent. He wanted everyone to love it too. He answered every question and made you feel like all of your questions mattered because you were interested in his island home.

Visited: May 11, 2019

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by davelep

Had a very good time visiting this awesome place with my friends. The residents of st kitts are very friendly, informative, welcoming and helpful. Great


by Robinson4346

Overall we had a great day here but a word of caution. These people are hungry for your money and they can be aggressive. We were one of the first off the ship and there is a guy that will be right at the end of the pier with 2 monkeys. For my husband and i he literally took my camera out of my hands, put 2 monkeys on our shoulders and said "that'll be 20 bucks". I looked at my husband and told him to pay him to be done with it. So be cautious if that. Other than that, we had a great ATV experience up the moutain for great views and very knowledgeable guides.

by ambosse19

Shipwreck Bar & Grill - a must. Beautiful view, free chairs, yummy food & drinks (reasonably priced) ... and MONKEYS!!! Be sure to have your taxi stop at the top of the hill to capture the most breathtaking photo of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Caribbean.

Visited: Feb 25, 2017

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