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by LoveBoatSail

There Feb 2020 amazing island & facilities. Food good to which I was surprise. Returning Feb 2021 booked lol. Will b there 2 days. I'll rent a day bed 4 sure


by justlovincruisin

Perfect Day at CocoCay is great if you don't mind the outrageous prices for some things that I feel should be included since we just paid $$$ to go on the cruise. Maybe RCCL is doing their best to keep up with Disney. $1000+ for a Thrill H2O Cabana & waterpark pass, Chill Island & Oasis Lagoon cabanas come in @ $999. The other cabana, ie., South Beach offerings are even more. Beach beds $200 per adult...get the picture yet? Not that the amenities aren't nice, but should cruisers who have already paid a sum of money really have to put out that much more? In my opinion, no. I guess we are paying the hurricane insurance premiums for Royal Caribbean.


by ClaireAlex

I know several of you have been here! What is the best thing to do. Definitely looking for new experiences and new memories to make ahhhh so excited!!


by capttrips

We love this place until the crowds arrive, then we head back to the quiet ship. When the dock is completed and 6000 inhabit this “ private island “, it will have lost its charm for us.


by LisaA67

Beautiful island! Lunch was decent. Disappointed in the shaded chairs vs. the ones in full sun (too windy to rent umbrellas). There were many passengers that were chair hogs (they plopped their belongings on shaded chairs and disappeared for hours!). Funny thing is I thought about doing that before our tour at 9:30, but was brought up to think about others😜


by LisaA67

Ratio of free lounge chairs to shade was not so good, cruisers "reserved" their chairs with their belongings and then disappeared for hours. Next time I will use the same thinking process because I lost out on relaxing under the shade of a palm tree. The glass bottom boat excursion was worth the money!

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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