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Carnival Imagination

Carnival Imagination

Sail date: April 14, 2019

Fabulous Quick GetAway!

Fun trip to take with your kids or not...Lots to do on and off the ship. Food is pretty good, the drinks are plentiful(buy the Cheers program 1 specialty coffee and 3 alcoholic drinks will even you out with the cost of the Cheers program, if you drink more than that, including sodas, you'll pay more than what you did with the Cheers program.) We would do this trip again in a heartbeat. Happy Cruisin'!!!!!

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Carnival Imagination

Carnival Imagination

Under the excursions, buy FASTER TO THE FUN. You'll be sorry if you don't. I will NEVER travel on Carnival without it. This was my first time to get it since they introduced it a few years ago. It's a perk that allows all the members in your room to bypass lines. You get to board whenever you want, you get to tender off the boat without waiting in line, you have your own line in guest services, you get to disembark in your own line. You get dining priority IF you don't have "my time dining'. Check it out, it's worth the extra $50-70 bucks.

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada was great. I booked a tour with "Tours by Locals" to go to La Bufadora (the blowhole) because I don't like bus tours. With tours by locals, I got to custom design our tour. We had 19 of us cruising together, including our kids. We wanted more time to see La Bufadora, shop in the huge open market and eat right there at the famous fish taco place. Afterwards, we went to a cool petting zoo where you could pay a high cost to pet and play with tigers and leopards, big snakes and monkeys. It was fun to check it out. We also had time to go to the beach and look around. The tour that Carnival offers is more expensive and it was two hours shorter than our tour which is primarily why I contacted this company. Should anything happen where Carnival can't dock at one of it's scheduled destinations, you get a full refund if you purchased an excursion through them. Tours by locals will give a full refund 24 hours or more if you cancel but only IF you buy their super affordable insurance, which I did.

Catalina Island, California

Not a whole lot to do here but I highly recommend renting golf carts to see the island. It's a fun way to see everything and get some great pictures. We rented for two hours which allowed us to stop and grab a beer. Book in advance or you won't get one. Many people found that out the hard way. I booked mine as soon as I booked the cruise. I did NOT go through Carnival. I booked on my own....besides, Carnival doesn't offer a golf cart excursion!

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