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Norwegian Dawn

January 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

My Cruise on the Dawn

Had the best cruise I've ever been on.  I could not have ask for better service.  Everyone was very friendly.  I'm not much of a fan of the Buffet, but the food and the service at the restaurants was great.


If I had to list any concerns, it would be two safety items.  In Roatan Honduras, we were stuffed into a van style bus and 3 strollers were placed in front of the only passenger door, preventing anyone from exiting the van until the strollers could be lifted up in the air to allow the door to open in.  Exiting this van in a hurry would have been impossible.  The other Item, concerned the Tender from the ship to  Belize.  The water was very rough.  One passenger, walking to his seat, grabbed on to the back of the Captain's chair, which was not bolted down, and fell onto the floor.  Two other elderly passengers mistook a large cooler as a seat.  When the boat pulled away, these people fellover.  The Captain and the crew of this Tender showed no concern for these people.  The rid back was with a different crew and was much better.


Overall, had a great time.

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