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Norwegian Gem

May 2015 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Bahamas

Our first on Norwegian

Ms. Monique Morris-James,

Hello Monique, good morning

I hope your day is going well.

As you may know we came back Sun. morning and surprisingly, did not not encounter the long line at the pier on the way out.  (Boarding was relatively similar to the other cruise experience we've had).


Before I forget, YOU are good!  no, change that to GREAT for encouraging us to get the cabin with a balcony.

Having a stateroom with a balcony was a new experience for us, which made it even more appealing as we can lay in bed and watch the ocean waves go by. (so romantic isn't it? If it were only a yatch, Our Yatch that is) instead of a cruise ship it would have made that much more difference but peasants that we are...ha ha, I guess we'll just have to accept our reality.


Comparative speaking, Norwegian, despite the higher number of cruisers on board are able to provide a relatively decent customer experience / service although the bfast/ lunch/ dinner menu on the buffet is not as "varied" as the others (HLA-Carnival) and I imagine their architecture has a lot to do with it. (Less space for groceries in order to accommodate more cabins).

More significantly for us (we're from the Philippines originally) the commode seems designed for individuals who are 6 feet plus and above and the small cubbyhole where it is adds to that discomfort. I mean almost standing does not allow for "smooth" you know what.


The dining room chairs were also constructed with those measurements in mind it seems that we had to request pillows to put in the back to make sitting a little bit more normal (comfortable) otherwise our feet would be dangling.  Their marine architects were probably all from villages in Scandinavia who have never come across people who are 5'7" inches tall (short). Ha ha.

But the workers they have (I mean slaves) seem dedicated enough to make it a pleasant experience for all of us. 

Incidentally did you know they work at least 13 hours a day; 7 days a week; 8 months a year with 3 months off but no pay?

And that's the reason I used the word slaves because that realization takes away the pleasant thoughts generated in such an atmosphere and only because you become acutely aware that other than yourselves, the officers (Caucasian types) and the company, everybody else are working their backs off (being exploited) so you can enjoy your day. 


But the worker exploitation is industry wide and OUR government is surely complicit in that arrangement, which begs the question about what one should do next.

Hopefully my characterization provides you with a clearer picture of our experience aboard Norwegian.

By all means please let me know if I can answer any question my observation have raised.

Take care,

Oni & Jocelyn Sioson


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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Gem cruise review - Our first on Norwegian

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