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Carnival Splendor

September 2016 - Carnival Splendor to Caribbean - Western

it was a nice cruise as usual

I enjoyed this cruise and did very much like the ship itself.  I did not get off in any of the ports due to physical disability, however the ports looked beautiful from the deck of the ship.  The employees as always were excellent.  They do always genuinely seem to care that you are enjoying yourself.  The food was quite good.  I tried the American Table menu for the first time, and really enjoyed it.  I had your time dining, and had four different wait teams, all of them were efficient and friendly. The food was very good.  I also enjoyed the rotisserie and the tandoor for lunch some days, and also the deli and the lido buffet.  I liked the rotisserie and tandoor both very much.  Debarkation was also very well done, organised and worked well. The things on this cruise that were not so good, was the internet.  The new price is 72.00 (up from 60.00), and it would not work in the room at all.  This meant that I had to carry the ipad around with me on the ship, Once outside on an open deck it worked fine, and sometimes even from the promenade deck, but also could lose the signal there.  It did work, so was not a huge issue, just was not as good as previous cruises/ships.  I mentioned it at Guest services and the fellow said he thought it was just an issue with that ship.  The other issue was two very uncomfortable beds.  Tried one first night it was so springy and no support that the next day, due to room steward's suggestion to try the other, and found that mattress to be better, but also to the other extreme of firmness.  Again not a big deal.  I survived, but just think maybe that room is due for some new mattresses.  Speaking of room steward service.  My steward was very attentive and friendly, but the service was done only once a day in the morning.  This did work for me as I was travelling solo, but other passengers on the ship, mentioned that they were given a choice of morning or evening, and some said they got both.  Again not a big deal. The worse thing was smoke in the casino.  I do enjoy the casino quite a bit on my cruises, and I do know that they are a designate smoking area on the ship, but this time it was terrible.  I can tolerate smoke to quite some extent, but not this time.  I found my eyes tearing and my voice, throat going dry after just a few minutes in there.  So this time the smoke did affect my amount of play.  On the up side for the casino, was that it was quite generous to me.  I won 97.00 126.00 and on the last day 465.00 so it was not a total wash out lol.  All in all a great cruise, but just this time I noticed some of the above mentioned issues, which have not been issues in the past.  Still love Carnival and looking forward to another cruise with them some time in the future.



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Carnival Victory

October 2015 - Carnival Victory to Caribbean - Eastern

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