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Carnival Sensation

December 2014 - Carnival Sensation to Caribbean - Bahamas

My first and last cruise

I have heard great things about cruising, even on Carnival until the second day of our trip.  The Lido Deck is constantly damp in certain areas because of the pool and hot tubs are there and it is very slick. The second day it was rained and the open Lido Deck was soaked with water and very slick all over. A woman walked by our table (a good distance from the pool/ hot tubs) and fell twice. The second time she could not get up so I yelled for one of the four bartenders to come and help. They ignored me while watching us as if we were their entertainment or something. One told me "you need security". I  carefully hurried to find someone who would help. Luckily a security guard heard me yelling and was already coming around the corner. I explained what had happened and he followed me back to the fallen women. My husband and I waited to see if she was alright. The guard came over a short few minutes and said she fell because she was intoxicated and needed to sleep it off. I looked at him puzzled. "The best course of action would be for you to take her to her room to sleep it off." he told me.  I let him know I had never seen her before and she could not move her leg well and her head was bleeding and that I thought he should have her checked out by a medic. We continued to watch for the next fifteen minutes. I was disturbed by the lack of medical attention she received before we left, NONE!  Five other guards gathered around as if they were protecting the pope during a parade, but no medical attention was given. The first guard asked her questions she could only slur responses to. After about 2 1/2 hours later I went back to Lido Deck to the smoking area in the exact area where this occurred. There were not many people around as it was late. I did see the same security guard (the very first guy to arrive) putting out wet floor signs. I thought to myself that they could have been utilized during the rain earlier as most areas away from the pool and hot tubs were now mostly dry. Why was that not something one of the five standing around do earlier since they have these signs in closets all over? Then, next thing I seen really upset me. The guard took photos of the deck with the wet floor signs over a mostly dry area. I have no doubt he was told to in order to protect Carnival if the lady decided to sue. I did not smell liquor on her breath but I did hear her slur her words as if she had been drinking. I had not had anything to drink during the cruise, but still, in good physical condition and wearing treaded sneakers, I could barely walk across that wet, slippery deck without my husband's support. This is just the first bad instance I seen happen with my own eyes. Fist fights in the hallways, underage drinking throughout the ship, marijuana smoking by the mini golf, constant/excessive drinking/profanity, LGBT night with Cruise Director, Big Sexy Josh Waitzman, and one case of absolute refusal of medical care (Carnival crew  would not call the medics for a teen choking until the mother yelled fire and woke up several guests on our deck) are just a few more reasons (not all )  why I will not give cruising another try and I will not recommend it for families. 

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Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - Freeport is a shipping port that looks much like Florida with many its stores selling the same items for different prices by very pushy sales people.
Nassau, Bahamas - Same as Freeport, but the people were more pleasant and not as pushy (except the tour guides) and their prices were cheaper for the same items as Freeport, but not less than Cocoa Beach. Yes, you can buy most of the exact items in the resort areas close to Port Canaveral!
Port Canaveral, Florida - Wakulla Suites in Cocoa Beach are charming, affordable, and friendly. I love their courtyard and their private beach. The surrounding beaches are beautiful also and many are free.
Carnival Sensation Carnival Sensation - Spend your money in the U.S. where not only is it much safer for you and your children, but you will also still have your American rights.

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