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Navigator of the Seas

Sail Date: April 02, 2016

Dissatisfied customer due to my booking outcome with <img class='agent-replacement' src='/images/hideagent.png'>

To whom it may concern, 
 I am writing you on today in reference to a very disatisfying matter involving my last cruise booking with this past April 2 thru Apil 10th on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas. My initial booking was made on last year, I booked both rooms separately to avoid any confusion due to my husband and son sharing the same exact name. Of note it has happened before causing us travel delays. The rooms requested were for side by side, but at the time of booking, the agent didn't have any available so she offered us directly across from each other with the interpretation that one room was in front of the other one as apposed to side by side, so from one room we should have been able to look out of the peek hole and see the other room or open the door and be within touch, sight and/ or conversation with each other at all times because it was me and my husband in one roomand my 2 children in one room to accomodate space and privacy. Only to have learned after driving 10 hours to the ship from GA on the day of embarkation that this was no where near the case. Completely exhausted, starvred, annoyed and overwhelming dissappointed to find out that our rooms 6137 and 6237 were on opposite sides of the ship, separated by a complete foyer with 2 stair wells and dual side elevators and a promenade consisting of nonstop traffic and assigned to 2 different munster stations as well, so in the event of an emergency my immediate family would have been seperated and may have never been reunited again. I did not sign up for this when considering all of these things prior to booking my family vacation with , the trip agency that guarantees 110% customer satisfaction. Well lets be clear about one thing, when I called customer support for answers l got the runaround and put on hold and a whole lot of there is nothing we can do for you now since I was now on the ship and then only to be referred to Royal Caribbean customer support for them to tell me there is nothing they could do for me because they are at full capacity and it is not their fault because I booked with and that was aware of the deck plan and they were insisted on making a sale that was known that it wasn't what the customer wanted but because of the pre- booked rooms that this company needs to sale, a risk was taken with my trusting commitment to you guys. So now unethical and disgraceful and I still after conversating back and forth with both parties over 2 hours from the time I stepped foot on that cruise, my room was never changed, nor have tried to rectify the matter in any way possible. I never wanted to speak of this again because of the deceit on your part and the valuable time stolen from my family and I during the whole ordeal. I tried calling to discuss with an agent once again who did express empathy for my situation but still advised me to contact guess relations because all she could offer me was a coucher to use towards a future trip. Well I don't know who would want to risk something like this happening again with this businees especially during what is supposed a stress free time. I need both of my bookings monetarily compensated for this devestating error made by . I need someone that can and will help me with the issue please. We spent the entire cruise with rooms very far from each other, waisted alot of quality time going back and forth from one side of the boat to the other trying to make sure our other party was okay or as well as the inconvenience of different munster stations.

Thank You, 

Keisha Tillman- Zimmerman and Fred Zimmerman SR.


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