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September 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Galveston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Freedom

Very disappointed

I was very disappointed with the Carnival cruise line itself.  I really did not appreciate the way my husband and I were treated while on board.  We were on the cruise to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and both of our birthdays (mine is 8/24 and my husband's is 9/19) and they went completely unnoticed.  They did acknowledge my husband's birthday.  We have been on other cruises before with other cruise lines and they bend over backwards for people who are celebrating different things and Carnival did not give us a second thought.  Not that I was expecting a whole lot, but they could have at least acknowledged it in some way.  When it was brought up, I was told I must not have booked my cruise directly through the Carnival website.  It really should not matter where I booked my cruise through, I still chose to cruise with them and customer service is customer service.  Also, I have food allergies and needed to order my food special the night before so it could be prepared a certain way as I cannot eat off of a buffet.  We were unaware that there would be two elegant night aboard this cruise as every other cruise we have been on only ever had one so we had only prepared for one.  We went to the restaurant on this night, dressed up the way we had been every night and they would not let us in because my husband did not have on pants.  He still had on a dress shirt, docker shorts and dress shoes.  They turned us away but let in others with ripped jeans and wife beater tank tops.  That did not make any sense to me as that is not elegant dress attire either.  I was unable to eat dinner that night since my only other option was the buffet.  With the amount of money we paid for the cruise, there is absolutely no reason why I should not have been allowed to eat a dinner for a night.  The Chic Restaurant did not even allow me to take the food I ordered to go just so I could have a dinner.  To me, this is very poor customer service.  Carnival should really get more dining options on the ship and have some options for those who cannot eat off the buffet and do not want to do elegant night.  You should not be forced to participate in the elegant night.

The staff that took care of our state room, Ernie, in particular, was very nice and did a fantastic job.  He was the only one to acknowledge our anniversary after my husband asked him if he was told about it.  Then when we were away at dinner, he went in and made up the room a little bit.  I thought that was sweet even though it was a couple days late.  The waiter, Preston, who we ran into several times around the ship always took care of us and was very nice.  He remembered us by name and knew exactly what drink we were getting before we even ordered it.  My husband and I still made the best of the cruise but will never take a Carnival cruise again, nor would we ever recommend one.

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