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Falmouth, Jamaica

We went into port to shop. We did not go on excursion because of the mixed reviews of the island and how the locals treated you. We did not want to chance it having small kids. The people in port were nice and we did not get pushed to buy anything.

George Town, Grand Cayman

We went on the deluxe dolphin swim excursion. We had to wait out front for a while for the whole group to get there. When we got in they told us to get a locker and take loose clothes and jewelry off and then get a life jacket. It was very unorganized and chaotic. All the lockers did not have keys and the crew yelled at you when you tried to get a life jacket for you and your kids. Once you got to the dolphin pools the crew did a great job explaining what to expect and how to interact with the dolphin. It was an amazing experience. They also took pictures of each person interacting with the dolphin. When it was over you had enough time to go into the gift shop and check out your photos. For the cost of the excursion a couple photos should have been included in the package. The photo packages were super expensive. You could print them, get a CD or a USB. I would say the interaction with the dolphin and the trainer was fantastic but we could done without the rest. We left starving, thirsty and spent way too much on 4 photos.

Castaway Cay (Disney Private Island)

This was the highlight of our trip. It was absolutely beautiful! Everyone got off the boat even the crew. The people working on the island were the same people working on the ship. Familiar faces everywhere you went which was nice. The food was good the service was great and there was so much to do. We decided to go on a bike ride around the island. They had bike trails and two lookouts to take pictures of the island. It was a great beach day and a fantastic family bike ride. It was a nice way to end our unforgetable trip.

Cozumel, Mexico

We went on one of the beach excursions. It had the water park that you could swim out to. We had a blast. If you and your kids are good at climbing this was for you. It was cloudy and rained half the time, but we were in the water so it wasn't that bad. The reason for the 4 stars was the food. It was not that great. I was a little concerned about food safety and told my kids they could only eat the fried food. It was an all inclusive excursion so alcoholic drinks and water were free.

Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy

The only thing we do wish we had done was see a show. Make sure you keep up with your Disney app. It will tell you what is going on everyday on the ship.

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