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Norwegian Sky

June 2014 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

A step down from last year

Took the exact same trip one year ago, only this time we included our 2 teenagers.  This was their 1st cruise for them, and we wanted to be sure they would be ok on a ship, find enough entertainment, etc. to accompany us to a much longer trip in 2015.


Because there were 4 of us, we chose a suite with a large balcony, #9202, which was 600 sq ft +/-.  A little disappointed here because the room turned out to be nothing like the brochure information.  We thought we were going to have a queen bed in a bedroom separated from the rest of the living space.  This was important for my wife sharing a cabin with 3 guys.  What we found was our bed was in the middle of the room, and bunk beds separated by a sliding wall.  It worked, and the boys like having "their own room".


We were surprised to see all the water leaking into the top of the ship when a thunderstorm blew thru on the 1st day of our trip.  Not just a little water dripping thru a crack, but a waterfall flowing from one floor to the next to the next all the way down to the main Atrium level.  This caused a good deal of the elevators to have to be shut down.  So hundreds of guests were getting exercise walking 3-4 flights of steps to get to and from dinner or to and from a show.


Remember I mentioned we took the exact same trip a year earlier and I must say that I'm convinced the quality of the food this time was far below where we reviewed it last year.  general dining areas are always crowded, and something of a zoo depending on the time of day.  But my wife and I also agreed the specialty restaurants' staff were less customer service oriented.  And the food itself was just barely average.


Wanted to also be sure to mention that our boys found the "Teen Center" on the ship and loved it.  It is staffed by NCL folks, no one is allowed to be there unless you have been verified 13-18 years old, and it is so much more than just a bunch of kids sitting brainlessly in front of a TV playing video games.  They have their own itinerary every night, special events, dances, etc.  My guys (13 and 15) couldn't get enough and made a dozen new friends that they are still checking in with online.  The volleyball court on GSC was taken over by all the teens cementing some new friendships.


With the good has to come some bad and we all agreed Nassau was the worst part of our trip.  Nasty place.  Armed military everywhere, the scooter rental stand (which was close to the pier) was staffed with 5-6 men that I wouldn't trust to carry groceries to my car, and when you return from an excursion you are forced to walk thru a bizarre that is seedy at best.  If Nassau is on our itinerary next year, we will likely just stay on the ship.  #Purell  :-)


All in all, I'd say a consensus of the 4 of us would say :  getting on and off the ship 5 of 5,  food 2 of 5, ship activities 3 of 5, excursions 3 of 5, Nightlife 4 of 5, and Teen Center "6" of 5.  Take your teenagers with you on your cruise....  they will have a blast !

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Norwegian Sky

August 2013 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

Loved it !

First cruise.  Had a blast.  We are a couple, 40's, traveling with no kids in a mid-balcony.  Way to much to do onboard, and the excursions were fun.


Depart day - found our contact at the airport very easily.  Bus ride was only 10-15 minutes.  Arrived at the pier around 2:00.  Took 30 minutes to get thru checkin, but it was easy living from there.  We walked onto the ship, found the 10th floor, and as we walked out of the elevator, the announcement said all rooms were ready.  We found our luggage very easily.  Changed clothes and started exploring.


Day 1 - Freeport.  Not allot to do, but WE WERE ON VACATION !  Found a nice patch of sand on Tanio beach and stretched out.  Tony Macaroni's Conch Burgers are the bomb!  We walked the beach, made a couple friends, and spent a few dollars with the merchants.  Back on the ship by 3:00, a quick nap, and it was time to change for Cagney's Steak House.... to die for!  We asked for a table with a view and got a great one.  Excellent service.  Steaks were right on.  Well worth a few extra dollars.  Back to the stateroom to change and head to deck 12.  Salt water pools were SO much better than chlorine.  Pina Coladas were only $8.  Finished the night in the piano bar.


Day 2 - Nassau.  Breakfast off the back of the ship as we were docking.  Someone ordered perfect weather.  We left the ship around 9:30, walked a good 1/2 mile to a smaller boat waiting to take us to Blue Lagoon Island.  The ride thru the harbor and out to see was about 30 minutes, but the views along the way were wonderful.  Million-dollar yachts, multi-million dollar homes.  We arrived at the island and found it amazing.  We avoided the dolphin encounter as most of the reviews we read had suggested.  But the lagoon was wonderful, floating armchairs were part of the package, as was lunch (hamburger or chicken, with a salad and fruit drink).  The music was great, the drinks were perfect, and we were there about 5 hours before it was time to head back.  Had a chance to shat with one of the workers on the transfer boat :  gasoline there is $6.30/gal and the average person makes about $60/day.  Wow !   A quick walk thru one of the dock-side bizzars, and we were met at the gangway with an icy cold face towel...  excellent touch !  A 2 hour nap, and changed for dinner again, only this time Itallian.  Not as wonderful as Cagney's, but we both tried something different, and the service was excellent.  Next it was off to a stage show and we topped off the night with drinks and karioke (I can't spell it because we don't do it; but love to watch). Standing on the top on the ship, as forward as you can get, with nothing but moonlight is an amazing feeling.


Day 3 - Great Stirrup Cay.  Breakfast in the MDR was excellent.  Conversations with some of the staff was fun and informative.  They are truly salt of the earth people.  Very interesting ferry ride to the island; waves like moguls on a ski course.  Everyone arrived wind-blown, but smiling.  We found a great spot on the beach, ordered up a couple drinks and began soaking in the relaxation.  Live music was excellent and every person in the band was smiling.  You never work a day when you love what you are doing.  Lunch was again included and a little less quality than the day before (which was a little surprising since this was NCL's island).  Our only disappointment was all the sharp rocks in the water near the beach.  Everyone was struggling on them.  If you had a float, it was not a problem.  But to get past them was a challenge.  With temps close to 100 that day, we only stayed about 4 hours, and it was time to head back.  A quick shower, nap, and it was time for Cagney's again.  Loved it both times.  Service was again top notch.  Then it was time for White Hot Night on the top deck.  Great fun.  People enjoying themselves to great music, generous drinks, and an all-around good time.  I mean, there are 2,000 passengers onboard, and you are likely to never see another one of them again in your life; SO LIVE A LITTLE !!  Couldn't have asked for a better time.


Back at the pier - we packed the night before, checked out, and were off the ship in less than 15 minutes.  Thru security took 10 minutes and we were back in an airport shuttle for a quick 15 minute ride.


Overall, I'd have to say we enjoyed almost every aspect of our first cruise.  In fact, we have another short trip booked for next June, and still another in Dec to St Thomas.  Can't wait.  If you're not sure about cruising, or if you are thinking maybe a short trip to test the waters, we absolutely suggest the SKY.  Wonderful food, excellent service, and a ship that is not so big that you can't see everything the first time around.  We hope you have as good a time as we did.  Cheers !

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Norwegian Sky Norwegian Sky - Fish in the carpet always swim toward the front of the ship.
Norwegian Sky Norwegian Sky - The fish in the carpet always swim toward the front of the ship. No really, they do !

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