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Norwegian Pearl

May 2015 - 7 Night Alaska Glacier Bay (Seattle Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Pearl


Bad overall experiences.  First, it is not wheelchair accessible. It is very hard to find a place to eat, people who are able to walk, quickly grab the tables available while you are pushing through the masses of crowds. You can not go thru the buffet line with a wheelchair, people pushing!  It is so cold out that most people stay inside to stay warm so it was too crowded. And every 2 feet there is a bump in the floor that you need to lift the front of the wheelchair over. Not enough elevators, people rush in, in front of wheelchair,  when doors open.  We have cruised 5 times before, this was horrible. Staff in 2 of 3 other places to eat were like robots, no smiles, barely acknowledging you were there. And NEVER go to the ships dr!!  I got a stomach ache and went for some pepto. The nurse said "Sure, we have it, sign here for the pepto" as soon as I signed I was told I had to stay in my room for 24 hours! I had paid for an expensive excursion thru , and was not allowed to go. And if I left my room, I would be put off the ship and would have to find my own way home. I am not a child. I was traveling with my handicap husband and my daughter.  So I stayed in my room, my daughter took my husband and went on the excursion. But I am still out the $200.00 for my part. I called the agent and she called . She said she would not charge me for the trip and would have refund my money.  refused!! Said because I did not purchase the protection,they would not refund my $200.00.  I wanted to go but the captain of the ship would not let me off the ship. NOT MY FAULT!!!!!! So the agent didn't get the money, I didn't get the money, KEPT the money.  Norweigen said if I would of booked the excursion thru them, they would of refunded my money. So the lesson here is never book thru !!!  Great!! Hard lesson to learn, I'm out $200.00, but believe me, I will let everyone I know, not to book thru . Not worth the $20.00 I saved. And the customer service rep I booked the excursions thru, lied!  I called to book the excursions to make sure they were handicap accessible and they were not.  2 of the 3 excursions were extremely difficult for us to go on. My husband had a horrible time on the bus trip, could not get out to see anything and the whale watching trip was difficult because he could not move about the boat to actually see the "spray" from the blow holes, which is all we really saw.  So it sucked anyway.  And we didn't get to see the sunset on the double decker sunset bus trip. The bus driver was only interested in showing us the city. And you say, if you are not completely satisfied your money back! Sure, right.  Thanks !!

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Cruise Glacier Bay - Bummer, where are the Glaciers? There was one!
Ketchikan, Alaska - My family loved the Bering Sea excursion. There were so many beautiful bald eagles.
Juneau, Alaska - Go in Late July if you want to see the whales and sea life

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