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December 2015 - Norwegian Star to Caribbean - Western

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The food on this boat was "okay". Some tasted like Cisco food (or food from a bulk supply company for cafeterias) and most food needed some seasoning. I don't think they had a single container of seasoning on board this ship. There wasn't a single dessert that was good, they had the normal like cheese cake but it had no flavor at all. No dessert night either (like chocolate buffet).

The dining rooms were a little disappointing. The main courses were a hit or miss and they had really good steak (filet and prime rib) but others were actually sent back because it seemed like they were more concerned about presentation rather than actual taste. I don't know about the restaurants that cost on board because I'm not about to pay $30 a person to eat food on a boat that I paid over $100 a day for. That's like paying to enter a restaurant to then pay and eat there. The food was probably good there but I wouldn't know.

The last thing about the food is that there is no 24hour food unless you want to pay $8 for each room service trip. Carnival has pizza 24/7 as well as other stuff and also free room-service. If you don't pay for room service you basically don't eat from 11-6.


Every activity costs. Even simple things like game shows. You would have to pay to participate in a fun game show. I understand there was money on the line, but how about a game show with no money just for fun.

The shows were okay. The comedian was on only one show and one extra night (should have been more). The shows from the crew were a lot of songs with a really hard to follow plot. One show I didn't even know it was ending and I still don't know how the heck they got to the resolution in the end. They were good singers but just didn't seem like the songs went together. I know others felt the same way because multiple people up and left half way through.

Overall this cruise was a decent cruise with okay food and okay shows. Not worth the money at all however! Yes I have been on a Norwegian cruise before and it was almost 10 years ago. However it was amazing and I think they got bought out or something and the only thing they have going for them is the drink packages where you can drink all you want.

I guess you can just drink until you don't remember the terrible food and shows and you will be alright???

Don't waste your money, go on a Carnival or other cruise line!

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